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Creative StrategiesSuccess Story | LC Waikiki

Success Story | LC Waikiki

Aug 31,2023
Elie Nasr, Raya Tannous, Ozgen Huseyin Dundar, Creative Performance Manager
Creative Effectiveness

LC Waikiki - Branding

The Objective

LC Waikiki is the number one global fashion brand from Turkey. Much of their business is online through e-commerce, and they developed an app that showcases all their products as well as special offers and discounts. This way, they could enable a better online shopping experience, while better connecting with their customers. Their goal was to promote their app, while decreasing the Cost per Install as much as possible. They had already found success working with content creators on TikTok, but for this specific purpose of promoting the app, they wanted to understand the best way to brief the creators, brand themselves, and leverage TikTok products to drive optimal results.

The Solution

To achieve this, TikTok's Creative Performance Managers team designed a controlled experiment for LC Waikiki to test out different types of branding. In this case, branding refers to all formats that reference and showcase the brand, such as logo, tagline, app interface, and more. The focus was on Cost per Install & Conversion Rate, so this was more of a lower-funnel experiment.

The control creative was designed to look as similar to organic content on TikTok as possible, by leaving the branding to the end. They also created 3 alternatives for testing in their experiment. The first alternative included branding elements early on in the creative, at the beginning. The second alternative approached branding by showcasing LC Waikiki's app on-screen, with the logo inside of it. The last variation used a TikTok-native feature, the Green Screen, to showcase the app interface and the brand.

The Results

They ran the experiment that included the control creative and three alternatives, as described above. All alternative creatives, which included branding within the core part of the content, achieved better Cost per Install performance compared to the control creative, which left branding until the very end. We've observed a 16% decrease in CPI when using the Green Screen feature, and 33% lower CPI when branding is shown in the first few seconds of the content. The creative that performed best, however, was the in-app branding version, which saw a 3x higher conversion rate and a 37% lower CPI.



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