Account Structure Best Practices

You wouldn't start constructing a house without a blueprint, right? Well, running ads is no different. You want to make sure that you have the best blueprint (account structure) in place.

Whether you are just starting to build out a campaign, looking to optimize an existing ad group, or just want some direction to make sure you are doing things right, here are some of our best practices for your account structure.


Most marketers set up different campaigns based on different marketing objectives. The important thing is to choose the way that's easiest for you to identify and manage your campaigns.

Ad Groups

Tips for Getting Started:

  1. ​We recommend that you avoid bulk copying too many ad groups at one time, especially for accounts with a history of weak performance during the learning phase.

  2. ​Keep a good balance of learning phase groups and post-learning phase groups running simultaneously in one account. It is not recommended to have the majority of ad groups in learning phase.

  3. ​We suggest that you don't bulk copy an ad group that was just created. This won't help it pass the learning phase quicker, and may harm the actual performance.

  4. ​In general, duplicating ad groups is not recommended. We suggest creating and running diverse ad groups simultaneously in one account.

Tips for Optimization

  1. ​Using different combinations of targeting, OS, and creatives across different ad groups helps support exploration, which is how the platform learns what performs best.

  2. ​If you see an ad group's performance starts to decline ( e.g. drop in traffic or increase in CPA), try first making adjustments to the targeting, bid, or creative rather than creating a new one.

  3. ​If an existing ad group struggles to pass the learning phase, try optimizing the creative, broadening the targeting, or increasing the bid.

Note: This is just for illustrative purposes, and is not representative of how all accounts should be structured. As mentioned above, you should structure your TikTok Ads Manager account based on your actual marketing goals.

For example, Mark has an e-commerce business and wishes to generate more traffic on his site and app. The following is an example of how Mark might set up two campaigns for his goals.

Account Structure Best Practices-Example