Asset Analysis Report

The Asset Analysis Report aggregates all the core ad metrics related to creative performance at the asset level. By providing metrics at the asset level, advertisers can review the lifetime performance of each creative asset, even if it was used in multiple campaigns or ad groups. Use this tool to customize reports, create and save filters, and export data.

How to Use the Report

To access the report, go to your Assets > Creative page, then select the Images or Videos tab. From here you can create custom reports, save and apply filters, and export data.

Create a Custom Report

The Asset Analysis Report will show certain metrics by default. To customize the data in your Asset Analysis Report:

  1. ​Click the Custom Columns button on the right side of the page

  2. ​Select the data to use in your report. You can choose from:

  • ​Performance Metrics: like Cost, Clicks, Video Views, CVR, CTR, Likes, etc.

  • ​Creative Settings: like Country, Placement, Duration, Resolution, etc.

Create a Filter

To select assets that share certain criteria, you'll need to create a filter. To create a filter:

  1. ​Click + Filter on the left hand side of the screen.

  2. ​Select the criteria to filter your creative assets by. You can choose from:

    1. ​Country & Region

    2. ​Creative Format

    3. ​Placement

    4. ​Cost

  3. ​After creating a filter, you can save it to use it again

    1. ​To save a filter, click the Save button, and then name your filter

    2. ​Saving a filter will also save the columns you have selected

  4. ​To access a saved filter:

    1. ​Click the + Filter button

    2. ​Click Saved Filter Name

    3. ​Choose the saved filter you wish to apply to your report

Export Data

After creating an asset analysis report you can export the data. To do this:

  1. ​Click Export to download an .xls file of your data

Available Metrics

Core Ads Metrics

Total Cost









Deep Conversions

Deep Conversion Cost

Video Views

2-second Video Views

6-second Video Views

Video Views at 100%

Video Views at 75%

Video Views at 50%

Video Views at 25%

Average Watch Time Per Video View




VTA Conversions

Cost per VTA Conversion

VTA Registration

Cost per VTA Registration

VTA Purchase

Cost per VTA Purchase

CTA Conversions

Cost per CTA Conversion

CTA Registration

Cost per CTA Registration

CTA Purchase

Cost per CTA Purchase

Creative Settings Metrics


Video ID

Creative Source

Creative Type



Number of Related Ads



Created On

Engagement Metrics


Post Shares

Post Comments

Like and then Cancel


Can I access other advertisers' creative reporting data?

Unfortunately, no. You may only access your own account's creative information due to data and privacy regulations.

For the Search feature, what if I edit my video/creative name after I uploading the assets into the Creative Library?

By default, this feature supports search of the original filename. However, if you edit the original filename after uploading, you may search the edited video name instead.

What file format does the Export button offer?

Once you click the "Export" button, the file will automatically download in xls. format to your local device.

Do you include engagement metrics in this asset analysis report?

Yes, we do. We have included creative engagement data in this report. Specifically, we have the following metrics: Likes, Post Shares, Post Comments, and Like and then Cancel.