Optimization Levers for Auction Ad Campaigns

With auction ads on TikTok Ads Manager, there are many factors that can impact your performance. To help you improve ad delivery and win more placements, there are a series of optimization levers you can use to improve your performance.

Whether you have only run a few ads or have a series of winning ads and are looking to get better results, these are the optimization levers that you can use to improve the performance of your auction ad campaigns.


How to Optimize


For web:

Make sure to install the TikTok Pixel or Web Events API to track website events in order to measure your customer's actions. By using the pixel to send back as many events as possible (at a minimum we recommend sending us at least three events, one from the upper, middle, and lower parts of your funnel) as well as event parameters to optimize performance. Additionally, send the Complete Payment value parameter along with the purchase event in order to optimize for Value-Based Optimization (Web).

Try using Advanced Matching to better match website events with ads on TikTok. Advanced Matching can measure across multiple devices, browsers, and sessions through multi-session attribution. The attribution window is 7 days post-click and 1-day post-view. Otherwise, without Advanced Matching enabled, the standard attribution window is 1-day post-click. Advanced Matching can expand your reach, boost campaign optimization, and measure full-funnel events, which may help improve your average cost per action (CPA) and generate more conversions for the same budget. We are working hard on enabling customized and expanded windows. Please work with your account manager for more information.

For apps:

Connect your mobile measurement partner (MMP) to TikTok Ads Manager, and ensure that you are passing back all of the relevant events to TikTok. Here are some of the ways you can configure your MMP post-back events:

-Post back all channel data to TikTok - this will let you optimize your campaign performance, exclude users who have already installed your app, and retarget your app's users via TikTok Ads Manager.

-Value events - send the purchase value parameter along with the purchase event in order to optimize for Value-Based Optimization.

-Purchase, View Content, and Add to Cart events - these events are required to create Dynamic Showcase Ads.

By expanding the events and information that you are passing back to TikTok, the better you will be able to identify and reach your users.


Using Automatic Placement to run ads on multiple placements, such as TikTok, Pangle, and the News Feed App Series will instantly widen your available audience, and help you reach people across different surfaces and locations. If notice that your ads are performing better on one specific placement, try using Select Placement to only run ads on the highest-performing placement.


When selecting targeting criteria, avoid creating an overly narrow audience. A narrow audience may make it difficult for the system to deliver ads, which can cause ad performance to fluctuate. It is best to start off with wider audiences and let the system intelligently find the best users for your ad. Use our Audience Size Estimation tool to guide the size of your audience based on your targeting.

In addition, you will want to avoid audience overlap. Audience overlap occurs when you use the same or similar targeting settings for multiple active Ad Groups, which leads to these Ad Groups competing among themselves.

One way to avoid audience overlap is consolidating ad groups that target people who share similar demographic traits (like age, gender, and location) and interests & behavior. Additionally, you can use Custom and Lookalike Audiences to identify people who you want to exclude from a particular ad group's target audience, this way you can avoid targeting the same people across multiple ad groups.

Also, consider using smart targeting solutions (Targeting Recommendations, Targeting expansion, and Automatic Targeting) if you need more guidance or simply want our platform to find the best audiences for you instead of manually setting up all the targeting criteria.


If you are using the Lowest Cost bid strategy try increasing the budget if you notice that your daily cost per action (CPA) is consistently below your target CPA. This signals that you're gaining users below the amount you were willing to spend. This could be a signal that you have a winning ad group and are ready to scale your ad spend.

Also, consider using Campaign Budget Optimization to optimize your budget at the Campaign level instead of the Ad group level. This feature will let you apply a single set of budget optimizations to all the Ad groups that belong to your campaign rather than setting them up individually.


Determine if you have room to increase your bid. To do this, you will want to look at your average cost per action (CPA) and return on ad spend (ROAS) and compare it to your ad performance results.

To learn more about Budget and Bidding optimization solutions, see Bidding and Budget Solutions to Drive Auction Ad Performance."


While the look and feel of the creative content is an important factor for performance. Having a high volume of creative assets is critical so the system can explore how your audience responds to it. You can help the system identify the best ad for your target audience by creating between 2 to 5 ads per ad group.

By increasing the number of ads in an ad group, the system will be able to optimize delivery against the best-performing ones. Then update your ad group's creative on a monthly basis at a minimum, but ideally every one to two weeks.

TikTok Ads Manager has several tools you can use to quickly generate and test creative content:

-Quick Optimization, which automatically combines visual effects, opening frames, and music to produce up to 12 creatives from a single video asset, so you can have various fresh versions of your ads.

-Automated Creative Optimization (ACO), which helps you quickly launch your campaigns, test your creatives at scale, and show the right creatives to the right people on TikTok.

-Split Testing, is a campaign-level feature that you can use to create A/B tests to identify your best-performing creative content or ad group settings like targeting and bidding & optimizations.