Audience Size Estimation Overview
Last updated, June 2024

Audience Estimation gives you an estimate of your potential audience size based on the ad targeting and placement you choose.

Audience Size Indicators

Along with the estimated number of user accounts eligible to see your ad, the audience estimator will provide an indicator to help you evaluate your ad group's targeting selections. Audience size indicators include:

  • ​Too Narrow: Your estimated audience size is too small and your ad performance will fluctuate widely. We recommend you to loosen the criteria and expand your potential audience.

  • ​Narrow: Your estimated audience size is still small. Focusing on too narrow of an audience could affect ad delivery as there is a very limited audience to display your ad. We recommend you to loosen the criteria and expand your potential audience.

  • ​Balanced: Your estimated audience size is at an appropriate level. This is recommended for most advertisers.

  • ​Fairly Broad: Your estimated audience size is relatively large. You may need to add more criteria for a more targeted ad delivery.

TikTok's Audience Estimation tool is designed to represent user accounts, and should not be used as a means of measuring population size. Our estimation reporting should not be directly compared to third-party reporting as the two calculations are based on different methodologies for distinct use cases.

Due to the extensive number of users on TikTok's platform who view advertisements every day, and the speed at which clients need actionable numbers, there is a certain element of sampling that takes place within the system to determine the Audience Estimation numbers quickly. Because of this sampling, Audience Estimation numbers are estimated and should not be considered exact. TikTok solutions may evolve as we are constantly innovating.

Audience Size Indicators


What could be the reason that I see a higher reach than the estimated audience size provided by this tool?

Due to data security concerns, we are not including audiences under the age of 18 in the estimated audience range. However, this logic does not impact ads delivery or the audience size indicator. In other words, if the advertiser selected age 13-17 or no limit, audiences under the age of 18 will still be served the ads even though they will not be reflected in the audience size estimation tool.

What are the targeting criteria that are used by the audience estimation tool?

The targeting criteria that are used by the audience estimation tool include custom audience (if applied), location, gender, age, languages, interest, behavior, operating system, OS version, connection type, carriers, and device price. This list may vary slightly by region depending on the availability of these targeting criteria for a specific region.

Difference Between Reach Estimator and Audience Size Estimation

Audience Size Estimation, found above Reach Estimator in TikTok Ads Manager, estimates your potential audience size based on your chosen ad targeting and placement. It represents user accounts and shouldn't be used to measure population size. Unlike Reach Estimator, it does not forecast the reach or the number of people your campaign might reach. Learn more about the Audience Size Estimation tool.


  • ​Audience Estimation is based on your targeting criteria, placements selected, and how many people were shown ads in our apps over the past 30 days.

  • ​Audience Estimation may be affected if a Custom Audience has been created/modified within 24 hours.

  • ​Audience Estimation does not represent the actual traffic your ad will receive.

  • Audience Estimation Size is calculated based on user accounts.

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