Collection Ads

Before getting started: Collection Ads is currently testing and not available for all users or markets. For more information, please contact your sales representative.

Collection Ads is an ad format that enables people to seamlessly find, discover and browse products in a full-screen mobile experience. When you publish Collection Ads, you will create an ad that leads to an Instant Gallery Page - where people can explore a curated collection of your products.

By attracting your customer's attention and then letting them explore your products in a fast-loading instant experience, Collection Ads can help drive product discovery and action.

How they work

When someone taps an interactive element of your ad, it will lead to an Instant Gallery Page, where visitors can browse a curated gallery of product cards.

You can either handpick the products to feature in your Instant Gallery Page or let TikTok Ads Manager dynamically display the most relevant products for each visitor.

From the Instant Gallery Page, people can browse your catalog of products and then head to your website to complete their purchase journey.

Benefits of Collection Ads

Drive product discovery on mobile

Collection Ads combine the unique attributes of a TikTok ad (full screen, vertical, and sound on) with a fast-loading Instant Gallery Page and product recommendation algorithm - making it easier than ever for people to find and discover relevant products.

Publish ads featuring relevant products

Collection Ads give you the ability to deliver personalized product recommendations. This means that people will see different products in your Instant Gallery Page based on how relevant they are for each visitor.

This ability to dynamically promote products will help ensure the right people - see the right products - at the right time.

Create an immersive experience

Collection Ads provide a highly engaging and immersive experience. Because the entry point to the Instant Gallery Page is the entire in-feed video ad, your customers will never have to wait for a mobile landing page to load to begin their purchase journey.

For more information on how to create Collection Ads, see How to Create Collection Ads.