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About Call-To Action Buttons on your ads
Last updated: June 2024

A call-to-action (CTA) button is the part of the ad that urges someone to take an action after watching an ad. You can choose the Recommended CTA or a Dynamic CTA in TikTok Ads Manager. When you add a call to action to your ads, it can help you optimize and improve your ad performance.

Recommended CTA will identify the best call to action to use in your ad based on your industry, past ad performance, or ads using similar objectives.

Requirements for Recommended CTA:

  • Buying Type: Auction, Reach & Frequency

  • Ad Format: non-Spark Ads, Spark Ads

  • Supported Objectives: All

Dynamic CTA will display the most relevant call to action based on the click and conversion behavior of each person viewing your ad. You can turn on or off specific call to action text for your ads.

Requirements for Dynamic CTA:

  • Buying Type: Auction, Reach & Frequency.

  • Advertising Objectives:

    • Auction: App Installs, Traffic, Conversion, Video View, Community interaction, Reach, Lead Generation;

    • Reach & Frequency: Reach, Video Views, Traffic.

  • Ad Format: Non-Spark Ads, Spark Ads.

  • Placement: Supports Automatic Placement and Select Placement.

  • Location: Supports all markets.

  • Language: English.