TikTok Business Account FAQs

Can you switch between Business and Personal accounts?

Yes, you can switch between account types at any time and as often as you wish.

Does my account need to be approved in order to switch to a Business Account?

No, Business Accounts and Creator Accounts are open to all registered users. Just follow the instructions above on how to switch account types.

What benefits does a Business Account provide?

Business Accounts provide three key areas of value. One is the analytics tool which helps you gain a better understanding of your performance and engagement. Another is the email function which lets your followers contact you directly. Lastly, the website link lets you promote your site.

Will switching to a Business Account expand my potential reach?

All TikTok accounts are globally available, including Personal, Business, and Creator Accounts. This means that your account can be found and followed by any user worldwide so long as your account is public.

When you post a video, our recommendation system will distribute the video to certain regions based on various factors, including location and language of your account.

What can I do if I discover fake brand accounts or handles?

TikTok accounts that pose as another person or organization in a confusing or deceptive manner may be suspended or banned. If you find a fake / impersonated brand account, you can report it directly within the app.

Will more features be available in the future for Business accounts?

We are always exploring opportunities to create value for our community and our partners. We will keep you posted with any new updates. Stay tuned!