TikTok Interactive Add-on: Voting Sticker


Before the vote:

VotingSticker Before

After the vote:

VotingSticker After

Voting Stickers Creative

  • ​Size and Position: You can adjust the size, angle, and position of the sticker on TikTok Ads Manager.

  • Appearance: The Voting Sticker will appear in the ads for the entire time, and can't be closed before the ad is finished playing.

  • Sticker Logic: When someone clicks Option A or Option B to vote, they can see the latest voting results.

Note: Re-voting isn't supported.

  • ​Sticker Elements: Sticker title, Option A text, and Option B text.

  • Text Color: Voting Stickers can't be customized. The Voting Sticker title font is white by default, but Option A and B text font is available in red, light blue, and dark blue.

  • ​Character limit:

    • Voting Sticker title text: Up to 65 English characters, or 32 Chinese/Japanese/Korean characters.

    • Voting Sticker Option A/B text: Up to 16 English characters, or 8 Chinese/Japanese/Korean characters.

Note: Ensure that your Voting Sticker is within the safe zone.


General Notes

  • ​Ad assets can't be changed or replaced once the campaign is live.

  • ​Voting Stickers can be used in In-Feed ads and Auction ads.

  • ​Voting Stickers support Reach, Video Views, Traffic, Conversion, and App Installs objectives under Auction Buying Type, as well as all objectives under Reach & Frequency Buying Type.

  • ​Voting Stickers can't be used with other Interactive Add-ons.

  • ​The Voting Sticker feature doesn't support third-party tracking.

For more information about advertising policies, please see TikTok Advertising Policies – Ad Creatives & Landing Page.