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Viewing test results
Once your test group has started, you can view the real-time data for the test in the listed report after 24 hours.

When your split test has finished, you can view the test results and ad data in the listed report. The system will determine the winning test group based on the cost per result of each test group.

Interpreting test results
Your split test may produce one of the following results:
  • The test has finished with an obvious winning test group
  • The test has finished with no obvious winning test group

In order to avoid invalid tests and to help you better complete the split test, we suggest that you follow the best practices, such as providing an adequate budget margin, test duration, and audience for the test groups. 

Learn more about best practices.

Follow-up steps
After interpreting the test results and understanding which strategy performs best, you can:
  • Continue to launch the winning advertising plan. Click "Run Winning Ad" in the test report to save the ad settings of the winning group and launch it as a new ad group.
  • Create a new ad group based on your understanding. You can select an appropriate audience and optimize the settings or the creative based on the test results, and launch a new ad group accordingly.
  • Try testing again using a longer time schedule or a higher budget if the first test produced a low confidence level. The confidence level is provided at the end of your testing and means that if the same test were to run again, how likely are you to get the same results. Greater time and a higher budget usually generate more data, which can help increase the confidence of the results.