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View and Manage App Data in Event Manager
The "App Event" dashboard displays all apps associated with your account. You can go to "Assets" > "Event" > "App Event" to view overall in-app events, event recovery status, and set event statistic methods. 

In addition, the dashboard allows you to compare the activity data for different apps in a given time period.

In-app Event Metrics

App List Page

  • Creation Time: This shows the app event creation time. The timezone is the same as the account timezone.
  • Total Events: This shows the total events (filter by) that occurred during the time window.
  • Line Chart: This shows the quantity of the selected events on each date in the time window. Move your cursor over a point on the curve to view the date and the number of events on that day.

App Information


This shows whether you're able to track for this event. It's based on data from the last 7 days. Keep in mind that it can take up to 48 hours to update. 
  • Waiting for first event: We haven't seen your event yet.
  • No recent event: We've seen your events, but haven't recorded any event in the last 7 days. We recommend you check the event recovery status.
  • Recording event: We've seen your events and recorded events within the last 7 days.


This shows how your events are counted for each event type:
  • Once: only 1 event per ad interaction within 30 days is counted.