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About TikTok Business Centers
A TikTok Business Center is a central hub that allows organizations or agencies to manage several TikTok Ads Manager accounts among multiple people more effectively and securely.

In this centralized setting, it integrates essential functions for anyone who needs to run, place, and trace multiple TikTok ads, while incorporating payment information and performance reports across different ad accounts to boost your efficiency and to offer you with a more comprehensive overview.

Furthermore, security is ensured by maintaining complete control over your assets by attributing proper ownership and permissions to individuals who assist in different areas of your business operations. Thus, it's an all-in-one solution for anyone seeking a more efficient and secure ad asset management within the organization among multiple people, or with external partners and vendors.

Why use a TikTok Business Center?

Possess all-in-one platform to check multiple ads accounts

You can use a single sign in to access all managed ad accounts, reducing the time it takes to switch to different ad accounts.

Maintain full control of access permissions and give a customized role to each member

A TikTok Business Center guarantees security, as the core permissions and data are under the control of the administrator. Additionally, the administrator can assign, change, or remove roles and permissions as your team, agencies, or vendors change over time.

Ensure transparency of collaboration

A TikTok Business Center enables you to directly know who has edited, or conducted any changes on the ad accounts.

Manage billing and payments for multiple ad accounts efficiently

You can view and adjust the total account balance of your TikTok Business Center in real-time and access detailed payment information and transactions.

Upgrade decision-making for your future campaigns

You can get business-level insights and reports for your ad performance across different accounts.

When to use a TikTok Business Center?

Use a TikTok Business Center if:
  • You want more than one person to manage and access your TikTok Ads Manager accounts.
  • You want to manage and share all assets among multiple ad accounts, such as DMP, Apps, Event Manager, DPA and Creatives, etc.
  • You want your agencies/vendors to assist in your ad operations, but still maintain ownership of all your assets.
  • You are an agency and manage multiple clients' ad accounts, need to create new ad accounts and manage a credit line for them.
  • You want to request access to other ad accounts or share your own with other agencies.

Note: Each Business Account can manage up to 1500 ad accounts and 1000 members, including 980 standard members + 20 admins.

Preparing for your TikTok Business Center:                                             

  • Decide who you want to be an Admin for your business
    • Ideally, the business owner or primary day-to-day contact for your marketing team will become the Admin so they can set up and manage your TikTok Business Center. The people you select should have permission to act on behalf of your business and decide who should have access to your assets. It is important that all businesses have at least 2 Admins. If one Admin suddenly leaves the company, there will still be a TikTok Business Center Admin left to help manage access.
  • Sign up as a TikTok Ads Manager user
    • Only after a person signs up for a TikTok Ads Manager user can they start to create ad accounts, create TikTok Business Centers, be assigned a role, and get access to assets. 

Note: You can become a TikTok Ads Manager user by signing up on any of the following websites:                     

Now that you understand more about TikTok Business Centers, follow these steps to get started:
  1. Create a TikTok Business Center
  2. Manage Assets in a TikTok Business Center
  1. Manage Users in a TikTok Business Center
  1. Manage Permissions in a TikTok Business Center
  1. Manage Settings in a TikTok Business Center