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Manage payment in Agency Business Center
View Account Balance Adjust Ad Account Balance View Payment Information Note: Note: Payment Account Balance Cash Balance Voucher Balance:  Remaining:  Payment method Note:  Payment Balance Balance Alert Note:  Note: Balance Allocation:  Business Center Account History: Ad Account Balance Allocation History: Total Ad Account Balance History:
Pangle Playable Ads
What is a playable ad? When should I use playable ads? Where will my playable ad be shown? How to create a playable ad on Pangle? Creative Suggestions 1. Creative Specifications 2. Playable Ads and JS-SDK Access 3. Testing 4. Create Playable Ads Suggestions for playable content: Suggestions for playable interaction: Note:  Note:  iOS Testing with Tool: Ad Test App Tools Playable Tool Playable URL Download URL Horizontal Screen Landscape Orientation Test Playable Note: BUDemo.xcworkspace iOS Testing with the H5 Page Method: Settings Safari Advanced Safari Preferences Advanced Show 'Develop' options in menu bar Safari Develop Note:  Assets Creative Playable Ads Campaign Ad Create Add Playable Materials Note:
TikTok Ads Platform Payment Terms
Terms TikTok TikTok Ads Platform  Acceptance of Services General TikTok Ads Platform Terms Terms of Transactions  Fees.  Account Balance  Tax and Payment Legitimate Use Payment methods  Valid Funding Instrument Authorization Rights Reserved by TikTok Refund Abandoned property Customer assistance Inaccurate Transactions  Technical difficulties Notification Amendment and Severability  Conflict of terms Trade Compliance. Trade sanctions Third Party Rights Termination
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How to Add Your TikTok Ads Pixel to Shopify
Copy pixel code from TikTok Ads Manager Install pixel code on Shopify website Download TikTok Pixel Helper to detect if the pixel code is successfully installed Event Manage Create Pixel Manually add pixel code Next Note : Themes Actions Edit Code {/} theme.liquid Save Checkout Additional scripts Save Download
Disable, Enable or Delete Ads
Enable or Disable Ads Delete Ads Instructions Instructions: Note: Note: cannot
TikTok Ads Pixel FAQs
General Pixel Events Shopify DMP Where can I download TikTok Pixel Helper? Can I edit the pixel name? Can I delete pixels? How do I reinstall a pixel I have already created? If one event template cannot meet my needs (eg, a client wants to add E-commerce and Form Submission templates at the same time), what should I do? Is the Event Value required when creating events? When I see this error message on the Event Definition page, what should I do? If the schema of a landing page URL is http, and the landing page did not load successfully, what should I do? How do I add more events to an already created pixel? How do I delete events that I have already created? How can I go back to create my first event after creating a pixel? Do I need to input the URL or can I just enter the keyword or CSS selector code when defining event tracking rules? How can I create "OR" statements when setting up an event for both Destination URL and Click Events tracking methods? If I use Shopify to set up my website, how can I add my pixel code to the page? How can I define a "Checkout" event and test it with Pixel Helper? Why can't I create an audience using website traffic? New Page Edit Edit Note:  Delete Note:  Note:
Manage Settings on a TikTok Business Center
How to Edit Personal Information? How to Change a Name? How to Change an Avatar? Business Settings Edit Business Settings Edit Save Business Settings Submit
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