Real People, Real Stories

Vigo Vigo
The fast-growing short video platform to connect real people with real stories
Vigo Video is an original short video platform that allows users to showcase their talent with a community of like-minded people by capturing and sharing compelling moments.
Skyrocketing Scale
100 million+
Total installs on Google Play
No. 1
Ranking on Google Play in India *
Local and diverse content
70% Indic language content featuring diverse Indian communities and lifestyles, from fishing, farming, arts, crafts and more.
Active community
Vigo Video reaches like-minded people through a variety of online and offline social interactions which strengthens and connects communities.
Empowering fans
Embedded live streaming functions enable better interactions between content creators and followers to form vibrant communities.
TikTok Ads
Reach India's untapped markets
A Vigo Video-first audience
Vigo Video has a dedicated user-base who use Vigo Video exclusively and are often first-time internet users.
Connect with the masses with targeting
Vigo Video helps brands deliver at scale and reach the target social and educational spectrum of our majority Millennial and Generation Z usership.
More immersive story-telling
Vigo Video's immersive and integrated visual experience offer brands a native way to tell their stories using various vertical video formats.
Grow your business on Vigo Video
TikTokAds Ad Format
TikTok Ads
TikTokAds Ad Format
Brand Takeover
Increase your brand awareness and create a lasting impression with a full-screen display on the APP launch screen.
  • Be the first display and user interaction option when opening Vigo Video
  • 100% SOV on splash screen
  • 3 second long JPG or 3-5 second long video
  • External landing page supported
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