Poplar Studio
United Kingdom, United States
English, French
Poplar is a global creative platform that makes the creation of 3D and AR campaigns easier, faster, affordable and fun. By empowering brands to create 3D and AR campaigns on demand, we hope to make AR a reality for the world, helping brands create unforgettable moments of magic for their customers. We have produced over 130 campaigns to date from top brands such as Garnier, Samsung, L’Oréal, Disney, Sony Music, BBC, Nestlé, Fox and across the Retail, Entertainment, Food & Drink, Beauty and Gaming and other industries. At Poplar we take a platform-agnostic approach to AR, producing campaigns on social media (TikTok, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram), in-app and on the web (WebAR). We work across a wide range of AR and 3D experiences, including face filters, world effects, mini-games, portals, image trackers, virtual try-ons and product visualisation. As well as AR creation services and tools, Poplar will provide you with their AR expertise, such as a dedicated project manager, creative consultancy (including creative concepts), expert technical support and a bespoke AR promotion strategy. Here's our showcase, where you can see some of our work and try it out!