Campaign Management
Finland, France, Israel, Japan, Russia, United Kingdom, United States
English, French, Hebrew
Bidshake is a SaaS platform that streamlines campaign management across all advertising channels. Trusted by worldwide leaders like Voodoo, Crazylabs, and Kwalee, Bidshake helps teams of all sizes centralize and automate their UA operations, eliminate manual tasks, and focus on creativity and growth. Bidshake collects data from scattered sources (ad channels, attribution partners, BI) and calculates key performance metrics, providing a clear as well as a granular picture of campaigns’ performance. Equipped with actionable insights, mobile marketers can optimize their live campaigns across all advertising channels directly from the Bidhsake dashboard.In addition, Bidshake automates the bidding and budget allocation across channels with optimization rules defined by the client's predictive models and ROI goals. Bidshake's technology eliminates human intervention, piping optimization decisions into and from Bidshake automatically and in real-time.