The Source
France, Israel, United Kingdom, United States
Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish
The Source is a creative platform specialized in creating, scaling & producing mobile content and one of the few companies listed as a trusted Creative partner for the world’s biggest mobile platforms; empowering TikTok’s Brand & Agency Partners with content that will fit with its unique platform experience: Eye-catching creative content that also solves business challenges. The Source leverages its proprietary platform as a source of inspiration, having access to more than 15K pieces of inspiring content; and as a talent pool, with access to an exclusive network of 1.2K+ creators formally trained to the nuances of the platform. Coupled with an innovative workflow and intelligent data, this creative network enables brands & agencies to make TikToks that are easily scalable, without compromising on the unique craft nor the performances, and at an optimal cost.