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Percentage lift in impressions
This is the number of times your ad is on screen, compared to the estimated number of impressions you would receive without including this creative attribute.
Percentage of top-performing videos
This is the percentage of videos that include this creative attribute and also rank in the 70th percentile or above compared to all videos across all campaign objectives. Note: These numbers are estimated and individual campaign results may vary.
Note: These numbers are estimated and individual campaign results may vary.
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We identified these top creative insights to help you create the best performing TikTok ad
Draw viewers in
The TikTok audience watches entertaining ads for 1.3x longer than ads that do not have entertainment value.
Source: TikTok Marketing Science Global Entertaining Ads Study 2022 conducted by Marketcast [Entertaining ads are defined using a composite score with 7 unique inputs (e.g., excitement, shareability, entertainment, rewatchability, likable, etc.)]


Made for TikTok
Go native
+ 27%
Ads created for TikTok saw 27% higher completion rate (vs. repurposed ads) for prospective customers.
Source: TikTok Marketing Science [US,UK] Understanding the strength of TikTok ads 2022 conducted by Magna


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