Account Review Checklist
Last updated, May 2024

Before getting started: You will be unable to publish any ads until your account is approved.

At TikTok, we are committed to creating a safe and authentic environment for our users. As such, we review the information you provided about your account to ensure it complies with our advertiser-related policies.

To help you with the account review process, we've put an account review checklist showing what we'll be looking at:

Location & Type of Business

We check that your business is: 

Account and Business Name

We check that the information you entered on your Account Setup page:

  • Contains no offensive language or incoherent text strings, like "asdfasdf543"

Company Website

We check the company website you added to your "Account Setup" page:

  • Has a URL properly written in the correct format, like ""

  • Functions properly and is optimized for mobile

  • Is not under-construction or a 404 page

  • Clearly promotes a product, service, or brand

  • Complies with local policies regarding payment, privacy, and refunds

  • Does not point to a third-party site (like eBay, Alibaba, or Amazon), personal website, or un-verified social media account

  • Does not show any violent, pornographic, or illegal content

  • Does not require users to provide any personal information or download anything in order to access content

  • Does not feature any unlicensed products or logos

Industry Qualifications

If required by your local market, we check that:

  • You can provide official documents like a business license or professional certification

  • The name on your official documents matches those on your account's business name and company website.