Landing Page Loading Optimizations
Last updated, June 2023

To attract and retain consumers, you need 2 things: awesome TikToks and a customer journey free of interruptions – like a slowly loading landing page.

In an effort to help you optimize your landing page load speed, we put together some key tips. Follow them to ensure that your customers' patience is never tested and that they stick around.

Improve Your Page Load

  • ​Design and develop your landing page specifically for mobile devices.

  • ​Minimize landing page redirects.

  • ​For multi-region hosting, deploy page servers in all regions.

  • ​Use a high-quality Content Distribution Network to store resources on the landing page.

  • ​Delay the loading of non-essential media.

  • ​Load third-party scripts asynchronously to avoid render-blocking.

Optimize On-Page Static Resources

  • ​Remove all non-essential JavaScript and CSS files.

  • ​Compress your images (Note: JPEG 2000, JPEG XR, and WebP formats require less data than PNG or JPEG when transferring).

  • ​Specify the image width and height in the code to avoid shaking and flashing during page load.

  • ​Choose video over GIF for dynamic content (Note: Video requires less data than GIF when transferring).

Take Advantage of TikTok's Web Content Preloading

Now, when you add a landing page to a TikTok Ad, you have the option to preload your mobile site's content using TikTok's Web Content Preloading. This allows users to load your site's content before they even open it, which significantly reduces load times.

To learn more about this feature and how to enable it, check out About Preloading Web Content.

Take Advantage of TikTok Instant Page

An Instant Page is a fast-loading lightweight web page that loads up to 11 times faster than a standard web page. Instant Pages offer a variety of templates to make it easy to create your own Instant Page, you can also customize your own Instant Page by editing its components like text, picture, video, carousels, and call to action buttons.

To add an Instant Page to your ads, follow the steps here.