How to Set Up Collection Ads with the TikTok E-Commerce Platform Integration
Last updated, December 2022

After you set up the TikTok E-Commerce Platform Integration on your merchant platform, you will need to do the complete the following steps on TikTok Ads Manager, before you can make Collection Ads.

  1. ​After Ad Account info is entered, Ad Account will go into review (typically approved immediately).

  2. ​Once ad account is approved, TikTok will automatically add the Ad Account under the Business Center and enable your synced Catalog to be used in any Ad Campaign setup. Catalog sync happens immediately after setup is complete (please note: there must be at least 6 approved products in the catalog).

  3. ​Now, get started with Collection ads and other catalog-based ad formats! Set up an ad campaign for Traffic or Conversion objective and under the Ad Setup, choose Collection Ads.

Click here for more information about how to create Collection Ads.