Simplified Bidding UI for Brand Auction

We have implemented two exciting new features to the bidding UI for Brand Auction, beginning with the Reach Objective.  

What is changing?

This combined UI update includes a:

  • New Simplified Bidding UI that combines both Bid Cap and Lowest Cost Bidding.

  • Pre-filled suggested bid that reduces manual entry while helping you stay competitive in the auction.

In addition to this update, Brand Auction advertisers will be able to see an estimated reach range based on their ad group settings and bid. Learn more about our Reach Estimator.

What will it look like?

Starting in July 2022, Brand Auction advertisers will see the changes reflected in the Bidding & Optimization section of their Ad Group settings.

simplified bidding image what will it look like

How does it work, and what is the benefit to me?

  • Simplified UI: Bid Cap and Lowest Cost strategies are combined into 1 module, reducing the friction involved in bidding decision-making.

  • More Control: By setting Bid Cap as the new default, you gain more control over your brand auction costs.

  • More Confidence: By adding a competitive, pre-filled suggested bid, you can feel confident in your campaign's ability to succeed - without agonizing over how to choose the right bid for you.

  • Our Reach Estimator tool will allow you to see the estimated impact of your bid.

  • If you still prefer to use Lowest Cost, simply remove the Suggested Bid that we provide.

Best Practices & FAQ

I prefer Lowest Cost bidding.  How can I switch to Lowest Cost?

If you still prefer to use Lowest Cost, simply remove the Suggested Bid that we provide.

How is the suggested bid determined?

The suggested bid is based on historical campaign data, user behavior, and current auction dynamics. It is designed to maximize your results by keeping costs stable and controlled.

How do I know if Bid Cap or Lowest Cost is right for me?

Learn more about our different bidding strategies to make an informed decision, and consider running tests to determine the best strategy for you.