About Smart Performance Campaign
Last updated, May 2024

Smart Performance Campaign is a new end-to-end automation campaign solution to maximize your delivery outcomes with less manual input required from your side. Our system produces multiple creatives and bids for auctions leading to stronger performance for your campaigns when you select Smart Performance Campaign on the Campaign page of your TikTok Ads Manager.

Features and Benefits

Smart Performance Campaign takes out the manual work from your traditional campaign management and needs minimum input from you.

  • ​Offers more availability: All campaign types are supported on TikTok's Android traffic with more platforms to come in the near future.

  • Saves time: Smart Performance Campaigns save significantly more time compared to traditional campaign setup. The system will create multiple creatives and bid for each auction to find the most ideal combination to reach your business goals. Performance reports can help you get inspired for future videos.

  • ​Boosts Performance: Smart Performance Campaigns outperform traditional campaigns up to 80% of the time using identical optimization targets as seen during our early testing phase.

Input Requirements for Regular Campaign versus Smart Performance Campaign Setup




  • App Promotion: Android

  • Web Conversion: Not Applicable (NA)

Client Type

  • App Promotion:

    • Key Accounts (General Availability)

    • Small and Medium Businesses (General Availability)

  • Web Conversion:

    • Key Accounts (Beta)

    • Small and Medium Business (Beta until February 21, 2023; General Availability after February 21, 2023)


Optimization Goal

  • App Promotion: Install, In-app Event, and Value

  • Web Conversion: Conversion and Value

Targeting country

  • App Promotion: Global

  • Web Conversion: Global

*Internal testing shows Smart Performance Campaign Automatic Placement outperforms Select Placement, making Automatic Placement preferable for Smart Performance Campaign campaigns. For further queries regarding Smart Performance Campaign Automatic Placement selection, please contact your sales representative.

To learn more about Smart Performance Campaign, see FAQs for Smart Performance Campaign.