About TikTok App on OpenCart
Last updated, December 2022

Before getting started: TikTok on OpenCart is not available in all markets. Check OpenCart's platform for availability.

TikTok Business Extension on OpenCart is a turnkey solution that enables OpenCart merchants to onboard on TikTok For Business, makes it easier to manage TikTok ad campaigns, track campaign performance by driving more traffic to merchant's stores, and boost sales.

TikTok on OpenCart lets you:

  • Get started with TikTok For Business with one click. With a click of a button, you can: create or link your TikTok For Business account, TikTok Ads Manager and TikTok Business Center, install the TikTok Pixel, sync your product catalog with TikTok Shopping, and manage your payment and billing information.

  • ​Unlock advanced Pixel features. Built using the powerful developer codebase, TikTok on OpenCart offers exclusive access to the pixel's newest features.

    • ​Advanced Matching. Track website visitor events with improved match rate accuracy to better measure results.

    • ​Audience enrichment. Build audiences and capitalize on opportunities to show relevant ads to potential customers.

    • Product parameters. Send additional information about website visitor actions, like the total price of an order or product name and category. You can use these product parameters to customize audiences. and enrich reporting with metrics like Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

    • Automatic updates. Stay on top of the latest pixel updates with automatic updates - no action required.

  • Promote Products on TikTok. Easily set up and manage conversion campaigns from A-to-Z within OpenCart with the guided campaign creation.

  • Sync your e-commerce catalog** Make your products discoverable on TikTok with the automatic catalog sync from OpenCart.

** Product catalog sync will follow the general TikTok Advertising Policies.