About TikTok Business Account
Last updated, May 2024

Business Accounts are free public profiles that give businesses access to exclusive performance insights, creative tools, and account features to help them think like marketers and act like creators.

Benefits of a Business Account

  1. Detailed performance and audience data - Update your TikTok strategy with insights on your account growth, content performance, conversion metrics, and audience demographics.

  2. Tools for audience engagement - Power up organic growth by registering your business and using our engagement tools to connect with audiences at scale.

  3. Creative tools for content inspiration - Access creative tools that provide inspiration from trending videos in your industry and help you create fresh content.

  4. Features to drive traffic to your website - Turn viewers into customers through profile attributes that help drive more traffic to your business. Share your website and contact information, add an app download link, and embed a lead generation form to make it easier than ever for people to reach you.

For instructions on how to get started, refer to How to Switch to a TikTok Business Account.

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To discover Business Account tools, features, and benefits to your business in-depth, refer to Features of TikTok Business Account.

FAQs for TikTok Business Account

Can I switch between a Business Account and personal account?

Yes, you can switch between your accounts at any given time. Please note that when you switch your account back to a personal account, you are unable to access all Business Account features and profile attributes.

Do I need approval to switch to a Business Account?

Business Accounts are open to all TikTok users.

Will switching to a Business Account help me expand my content globally?

Your Business Account profile can be found and followed by any user worldwide. When you post content, our system will share it with certain regions based on various factors, including the location and language of your account.

What should I do if I see 'fake' businesses on TikTok?

You can report the account directly in the TikTok app.