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Last updated, September 2023

On TikTok Ads Manager, you can monitor your campaign results efficiently. There are two types of results you can view.

  1. To get summarized data, check the Dashboard page.

  2. To know more details of campaigns, check the Campaign page.

Details of each campaign: To get a better idea of the results of your campaigns, ad groups, and ads, see the Campaign page.

Here's a walkthrough of the Dashboard and Campaign pages.


The Dashboard should be your first stop when on the platform. Stay up-to-date on the performance, ad spend, and status of all your campaigns.

  1. ​Monitor the operation logs of the account by clicking log in the Today's Spends area.

  2. ​View the status of all campaigns, ad groups, and ads either Active or Not Delivering.

  3. ​Keep track of your account time zone in the time selection box. All data is shown based on your time zone.

  4. ​View your performance metrics broken down by different dimensions (including gender, OS, dayparting, etc.).

  5. ​Download and export chart data for further editing and analysis.


The next step is the Campaign page where you can view details for campaigns, ad groups, and ads. Let's take a look at some key things to consider when filtering, customizing, and viewing your data.


When you become a TikTok Ad Manager pro, you will have many campaigns listed. This feature improves efficiency by saving time in filtering. Click the Filter button, select from different criteria to drill down, and view only those campaigns you're looking for. You can change the selected criteria or combine multiple criteria to drill down further. Get back even more precious time by saving your custom filters for easy access next time.


Click the Custom Columns button to select the most important data you wish to display, then drag and drop to change their order of appearance. Once you're all set, save your column view for quick access next time.

On the main Campaign page, you can also rearrange and delete columns directly by dragging and dropping columns in the desired order.

Breakdowns & Time Comparison

Next to the Custom Columns dropdown, you'll see another dropdown list for Breakdown. Use this to view your data broken out by Day, Week, or Month.

When selecting your time period for the data you want to view, you'll see an on/off toggle for Compare, where you can select two different date ranges to compare data between.

Viewing Data

Click View Data under each campaign, ad group, or ad to view the performance data and audience analysis.

Change the date and customize your time period. Then, change your chart display by selecting daily or hourly data.

Select some dimensions from the list and out comes a beautiful chart showing your data, like magic. Some data dimensions include total cost, impressions, clicks, conversions, click rate, conversion rate, CPC, CPM, and conversion cost.

Click the Breakdown tab to view the performance data by audience segments. Some audience dimensions include gender, age, country/area, interest, network, OS, and placement.