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How to Verify Your Business
Business verification is how we confirm your business is a legal entity. Verifying your business will give you access to exclusive programs and features, but is not required by TikTok.

Note: To participate in the TikTok Back to Business Program, you must complete the business verification process.

To Verify Your Business:

  1. Login to TikTok Ads Manager and access Account Setup.
  1. To verify your business you'll need to provide:
      1. Business Verification ID Number: This will be a government/officially issued number that you use to do business or pay taxes in your country. Supported numbers will vary by region.
      2. Business Name: The legal name of your business as it appears on your official documents.
      3. Company Phone Number: Do not include your country code or a "+".
      4. Name of Legal Representative: The name of your business's of legal representative, written in English.
      5. More Documents: Any official documents that contain your businesses' name, business verification ID, name of legal representative, and company phone number; like a tax notice, VAT registration certificate, or business license.
        • Note: If you're in India and your company type is "Proprietorship", we recommend submitting your GST register certificate.
  1. The review process will begin when the required information has been entered and generally takes 1 - 3 days.
  1. You can check the status of your Business Verification at any time and will receive a confirmation when it is complete

After you've entered the information you're free to edit the information you provided - but once your business is verified you will be unable to make any future changes.

Be advised that if you provide false or misleading information we will not allow your business to be verified and may take additional action against your account.

Supported Business Verification ID Numbers

We recommend you submit the following official businesses verification numbers, based on your country. This will help speed up the process.

If your country is not listed in the table below, provide your business registration or tax numbers as you Business Verification ID. 

IndiaCompany Incorporation NumberIt is a 21 digits alpha-numeric code / number issued to every company incorporated in IndiaCompany Incorporation Number
JapanCorporate NumberIt is a 13-digit unique identifier for every Japanese corporationCorporate Number
KoreaCommercial Registry Businesss NumberIt is a 10-digit numberCommercial Registry Businesss Number
RussiaTax Identification Number-
AustraliaAustralia Business NumberIt is an 11-digit number where the first two digits are a checksum.Australia Business Number
Thailand Commercial Registration NumberIt is a 13-digit numberRegistration Number
MalaysiaCompany Registration Number--
IndonesiaState Gazette Supplement Number (TBN), 
Decree Number (SK), 
Taxpayer Identification Number (NPWP)
VietnamTax Identification NumberIt has 10 charactersTax Identification Number
EgyptBusiness Registration NumberBusiness Registry Number
Business License Number
IsraelRegistration NumberIt is a 9-digit numberRegistration Number
United Arab Emirates Business License Number--
Saudi ArabiaBusiness Registration Number--
TurkeyBusiness Registry NumberIt is a 6-digit numberBusiness Registry Number
USFederal Taxpayer Identification Number--
Value Added Tax Number
ItalyValue Added Tax Number --
SpainValue Added Tax Number--
FranceValue Added Tax Number --

Documents to Include

AcceptedNot Accepted
Business license and permits from government
Certificate of incorporation
Business Tax or VAT registration certificate
EIN confirmation letter from the IRS (U.S. only)
Official tax notices from the IRS (U.S. only)

Other documents, like invoices, phone or electricity bill, etc.

Why did the verification fail?

There are several possible reasons that we might fail to verify your business:
  1. We couldn't confirm your business verification ID number.
  1. The business name you provided does not match the ones on your official documents
  1. The company phone number you provided does not match the ones on your official documents
  1. The name of the legal representative does match the names on your official documents

If we were unable to verify your business, please review your official documents, ensure all information is entered correctly, and re-apply.