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About Choosing Event Type When Creating Website Traffic Audience

How do conversion types (old version) and event types (new version) compare?

In order to optimize ad delivery and maximize your ROI, we have fully upgraded the TikTok pixel with updated and standardized event types. Please refer to the following chart to compare conversion types (old version) and event types (new version).

Conversion Type (old version)Event Type (new version)
View contentPage Browse
Click buttonButton Click
Form submissionForm Submission
Start trialDownload Button Click
PurchaseComplete Payment
ConsultOnline Consultation

What new event types have been added?

In order for you to better understand the new event types, we've created business scenarios that help categorize a set of events under a specific scenario. 

This makes it easier to understand which event type to add as a user moves through the entire funnel for each scenario. Setting up events through each step of the funnel helps you measure and optimize your ads for conversions. 

The scenarios currently available include e-commerce events, form submission events, consultation events, apk download events, and custom events. The following chart shows all event types under each scenario. Please note that newly-added event types are in light blue and existing event types are in dark blue.

Event Types in the New Version
E-commerce Events
Form Submission EventsConsultation 
App Download EventsCustom Events
User RegistrationDetails Page Browse(Form)Details Page Browse(Consultation)Details Page Browse (App Download)Page Browse
Product Details Page BrowseButton Click (Form)Button Click (Consultation)Button click (App Download)Button Click
Add to CartForm SubmissionConsultationDownload Button Click Online Consultation
Place an Order

All the events left-side
Complete Payment

Detailed explanations for each new event types are below:

E-commerce Events

  • User Registration: A user registers on your website.
  • Product Details Page Browse: A user browses merchandise.
  • Add to Cart: A user selects and adds an item to a shopping cart.
  • Place an Order: A user is ready to pay for the order.
  • Complete Payment: A user completed a purchase.

Form Submission Events

  • Details Page Browse (Form): A user browses the details of a form submission.
  • Button Click (Form): A user clicks a button to submit a form.
  • Form Submission: A user completed a form submission.

Consultation Events

  • Details Page Browse (Consultation): A user browses a details page from a consultation entry.
  • Button Click (Consultation): A user clicks a consultation contact button.
  • Consultation: A user starts to chat on your website for consultation.

App Download Events

  • Details Page Browse (App Download): A user browses the details of the app download page.
  • Button Click (App Download): A user clicks a button to download an app.
  • Download Button Click: A user jumps to an external browser and starts to download apk package.

Custom Events

  • Page Browse: A user browses a certain page.
  • Button Click: A user clicks a certain button on a page.
  • Online Consultation: A user chats for consultation on your website.

Note: In addition to the three unique custom event types above, custom events can also contain any event types in the other four business scenarios.