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Welcome to TikTok Ads!

TikTok is the leading destination for short-form mobile video, providing content that is exciting, spontaneous, and genuine. As one of the most popular apps in the world, TikTok provides companies an opportunity to reach a large community of users who prioritize entertainment and authenticity.
With TikTok Ads, companies and marketers have access to the global audience of TikTok and our other family of apps. From targeting, ad creation, insight reports, and ad management tools - TikTok Ads offers you a powerful, yet easy-to-use platform that will help you reach audiences that love your products or services.

Why Advertise on TikTok Ads?

Effective Reach and Engagement

As one of the world's most downloaded apps in 2020, TikTok's audiences span over 150 countries around the world. Our diverse products and their audiences will help you reach more customers and drive a high volume of qualified traffic to your business.

Diverse Apps for All Marketing Goals

On TikTok Ads platform, you are able to access our family of apps, which covers multiple verticals, including entertainment, news and content discovery apps. This enables you to find the users most suitable for your products based on your marketing goals.
For information on what type of ads are available on each platform, please refer to TikTok Ads Placement.

Creative Ad Formats and Tools

Creative ad formats are important to keep your audience engaged. On TikTok Ads, you are able to choose formats that best suit your campaign objectives from a variety of choices. This includes but not limited to: horizontal, vertical or square videos, and images.
We know that for companies, the ad format is just one piece of the puzzle. What really makes the difference is being able to make engaging ads and continuously optimizing them. This is why TikTok Ads has built out unique tools that help marketers excel, whether you are running 6-digit ad campaign or are a small business just getting started.
  • Video Creation Kit makes it easy for you to create your video ads. This tool provides you with a variety of video templates and allows you to create videos by using your existing images, without needing to be a pro editor. For more information, please refer to TikTok Video Creation Kit.
  • Managing ads can be time-consuming. To make ad management more efficient and save you time, we have created an automatic ad delivery tool called "Automated Creative Optimization" to help you create, deliver and optimize your ads. Please refer to Automated Creative Optimization for more information.

Targeting Your Potential Customers Precisely

It has never been easier to reach potential customers by precisely targeting your audience. Using TikTok Ads, you can target your audience by gender, location, age, interest, and other unique variables. 
For more advanced users who want to take their ads to the next level, you can create "Custom Audiences" and "Lookalike Audiences" to reach more people similar to your existing customers.

Transparent Measurement & Trusted Data Partners

TikTok Ads measurement tools lets you monitor your ads performance by viewing detailed data and automating reports.
  • To make it easier for you to monitor your ad performance, we have developed the TikTok pixel to help you track users' behaviors on your website and measure your marketing results
  • To ensure data transparency and accuracy, we are currently working with a number of trusted third-party conversion tracking companies to help track your ad conversion, users' in-app actions, impressions and click attribution.
Please check "TikTok Pixel" and "Third-party Tracking" for more details.

Where Do TikTok Ads Appear?

TikTok Ads gives you the option to choose from our family of apps for delivering your ads. The specific location and format of how your ad is shown are called "placements".
Depending on the placements you choose, your ads may appear in four places: "In-feed", "Detail Page", "Post-roll" and "Story". 
Please check TikTok Ads Placement for more details.

What Do TikTok Ads Look Like? 

Your ads may look different depending on the advertising objectives or ad placements you choose.
TikTok Ads currently supports two major ad formats across all placements: image and video. 
Some of our apps, like TikTok, only support video ads, while others support both images and videos. 
Please refer to Image Ads Specification or Video Ads Spec for more details.

How Much Do TikTok Ads Cost? 

Budget: TikTok Ads provides you two budgeting options: daily or lifetime. Your budget can be changed anytime throughout your campaign, and the system will not spend more than the budget you set. 
To ensure that your ads have sufficient budget, the minimum budget at the campaign level is $500 and the minimum budget at the ad group level is $50.
Bid: A bid indicates how much you are willing to pay for the actions you want users to take after they see your ads. TikTok Ads offers you different bidding methods to select from.
Please refer to TikTok Ads Bidding & Optimization for more details.

Advertising Policy

To ensure that all content is running in a brand-safe environment for both advertisers and partners, TikTok has a dedicated Ad Review team to ensure your ad complies with our ad policies and applicable laws and regulations in corresponding countries/regions.