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Create a Pixel
Pixels are necessary to acquire the data marketers need to gain a better understanding of how visitors interact and convert on your site.

This article shows you how to create a TikTok pixel so you can start tracking user actions on your website.

Before You Begin

  • You need to have a website for your business.
  • You need to be able to edit your website's code or theme.

Create a TikTok Pixel

Follow the instructions below on how to create a TikTok Pixel:
  1. Click "Event" in Assets tab.
  1. Choose Website Pixel, and click "Manage".
  1. Click "Create Pixel".image.png

  1. Name your pixel.


  • When you create a pixel for the first time, you need to read and agree to the online user agreement.
  • We recommend the pixel name corresponds to the website or domain name. Maximum character length is 128 characters, including spaces.
  • We recommend only using 1 pixel per website as adding multiple pixels makes it more difficult to organize and manage. Too many pixels can even reduce page load speed.
  • While events will pre-populate upon creation of the pixel, events must be defined before anything starts tracking. Learn more about how to create events.

After you create your TikTok Pixel, it is time to install it. You can follow the installation guides below to implement the pixel on your website: