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Automated Creative Optimization
In order to better manage and optimize your ads, TikTok Ads has created a creative delivery type called "Automated Creative Optimization". "Automated Creative Optimization" will automatically find high-performing combinations of creative assets for your ads and drive performance, which helps manage your ads more efficiently and effectively and ease the process of creative building.

With "Automated Creative Optimization", you can upload up to 10 images or videos, 5 ad texts, and 1 call-to-action(CTA). Once uploaded, our system will automatically combine your creative assets into multiple ads. From here, our system will continuously explore, evaluate, and optimize your ad campaign to calculate the optimal combination of creatives and present the best possible creative combination for your target audience. 
Once you've uploaded your Automated Creative Optimization, you will not need to manually change any of your creative assets, the system will learn and help you choose the best combination of ideas.

Advantages & Features:
Here are the advantages of using Automated Creative Optimization:
  • Save time and effort on creating ads: you don't have to spend a lot of time creating ads. The system automatically generates ads based on your creatives (pictures, videos, texts, and call-to-action button, etc.).
  • Save time and effort on manually optimizing ads: Once the Automated Creative template is created, you don’t need to manually optimize and monitor your ad performance in real-time. The system will automatically optimize based on the performance of your ads; Well-performing ads will receive more impressions, and poorly performing ads will stop running after a period of time. You can update your ads by updating the creatives in the Automated Creative package.
  • Extend your ads lifetime value: With "Automated Creative Optimization", you will have multiple ads combination within an ad group; the system will constantly evaluate the effectiveness of the ads to find out the best combination. In the process of ad learning and exploring, it will ensure the freshness of the creativity, extend your ads lifetime value, help you to create and manage your advertisement more efficiently and get more traffic for you.
  • Get more quality ad traffic: The system will automatically help you match the right ad traffic and the corresponding creatives based on the placement and targeting the audience you choose.

  1. To use the "Automated Creative Optimization" delivery type, turn on the "Automated Creative Optimization" option at the ad group level. 
  2. Add creatives at the ad level.
  3. Click to select a template, “image” or ”video”. You can upload up to 10 images or 10 video creatives.
  4. Uploads. You can upload locally, select from “Library" or click "Use Template" to create videos.
    1. i.Uploads: You can upload your creatives according to placement and format requirements which vary based on the placements you selected at the ad group level. Please upload ads accordingly. For specific requirements, please refer to the Ad format.    
    2. Select from the Library: You can select the creatives that have been used or uploaded in the Library section; upload the creatives in "Media > Creatives"; the historical creatives will be automatically uploaded to the "Library”.
    3. Click on "Use Template": For your convenience, you can create video ads based on your existing images by using a variety of templates. Please refer to the video creation kit for how to use the specific template.
  5. Choose a cover. The system automatically picks 8 covers based on the length of your video, from which you can choose the cover of your video or upload a custom cover.
  6. Preview thecreatives. You can go to the preview page by clicking "Preview all ad formats" in the top right corner. You can scroll left and right to preview ads with different creatives and select the placements you want to preview in the drop-down list in the top left corner to see what your ad will look like across different placements. Note that these ad previews are not device-specific, and the actual ads will be adjusted based on user devices and network conditions. To ensure that your creatives meet your expectations, we recommend that you preview your app after it has been created and approved. See the Ad Preview for the specific preview path.
  7. Add an “Ad Name” for your ad group or use the default name that appears. The ad name is only for your reference and is not part of your ad. If you choose to use the default name, the system will use a string of numbers to indicate your ad; if you add an ad name yourself, the system will add a digital suffix to your custom ad name to identify the creatives under the Automated Creative Optimization
  8. Fill in the "Ad Text". You can enter the text you'd like your ad to have in the Ad Text section. You can fill up a total of 5 ad texts. "Ad Text" will be shown to your audience as part of the ad; We support 12-80 English characters (6-40 Chinese / Japanese characters). The display of the text will vary according to different models and operating systems, and long text can be at risk for not showing completely on the screen display. Emojis, { } and # cannot appear in the ad text, punctuation and space will also occupy characters.
  9. Select from a range of "Call-to-Action" buttons: "Call-to-Action" buttons will be part of your ad; Based on what you want people to do when they see your ad, choose the call to action buttons with your ad objectives. There are currently 7 options to choose from, "Download Now", "Learn More", "Shop Now", "Sign Up", "Contact Us", "Apply Now", "Book Now".
  10. Once you have created an ad, you can complete your ad by clicking "Submit".

To add creatives to an existing Automated Creative or change the creatives in an Automated Creative, you can click "New" at the ad level to add the creatives to the corresponding Automated Creative package; you can also click "Edit" to update the creatives in the corresponding creatives package. When you add creatives, new Automated Creative will be generated automatically after the review is approved; when you delete or replace some creatives that were part of your current Automated Creative, the corresponding ad will stop delivery.

Measuring the effectiveness of Automated Creative Optimization:
After the Automated Creative is created successfully, you can locate the corresponding Automated Creative package at the ad group level. There will be a folder icon in front of the ad group name. Click the corresponding ad group to view different combinations of creatives at the ad level. 
Once you've created your Automated Creative, your creative will be reviewed. After the review is approved, the system will evaluate the creatives and rank the models to calculate the optimal creatives combination for you.

Understanding the Performance of the Creative Combinations:
  • Once your creatives have been reviewed and put into an Automated Creative, you can go to the ad group level on the Promotions page. At the ad group level, click to select the ad group with the folder icon logo, go to its ad level, and you will see all the Automated Creatives and their respective states.
  • The system will explore further based on these ad creative combinations to help you find the best combination. Your ad creative will display the following status at the ad level based on its performance: "Exploring", "Best", "Good", "Poor". The new creative combination will automatically enter the “exploring” state, and the system will begin an uninterrupted dynamic model assessment of all creative combinations simultaneously. Then, the good combinations of creatives will show as "best performing" and automatically get more ad impressions; while the poorly performing ad creative combinations will automatically stop after running for a while, the status will show as "Poor".
  • You can navigate to the corresponding Automated Creative, click on “Report” to view the image/video, text, call-to-action text and related delivery data for the Automated Creative.

Best Practice:
  1. Creative suggestion:In order to ensure that our system continues to explore your ads performance and maximize the advantages of Automated Creative in ads performance optimization, we recommend that you prepare sufficient ads creatives and texts.  
    1. It's recommended that the number of ads creative combinations should be no less than 10. 
    2. Recommend to match the material with the historical high performing images/pictures and texts.  
  2. Delivery suggestion:  In order to ensure continuous learning of the model, it is recommended that you set a sufficient budget and give enough time for Automated Creative Optimization.
    1. It is recommended that you place a daily budget of no less than 10 times CPA (conversion cost)  
    2. It is recommended that your ads run for no less than 7 days.  
  3. Optimization suggestion:  You don't need to do anything with a single automated creative ad combination, the system will automatically optimize your ads delivery. To ensure the stability of the model learning, it is recommended that you do not change your creatives frequently. If all the ads under your automated creative combination are explored and the delivery results are still not as expected, you can choose to change the images/videos/texts to generate new creative combinations and conduct a new round of exploration and delivery.

  • To ensure that “Automated Creative Optimization” continuously explores, evaluates and optimizes your creatives, Automated Creative Optimization will not set on/off options at the ad level; the system will evaluate and sort your creatives to calculate the best creative combinations and deliver automatically. You can generate new Automated Creatives by updating the creatives (pictures, videos, texts, and call-to-action buttons, etc.). To suspend Automated Creative, you can also manually pause the corresponding ad groups.
  • Established ad groups will not be able to reset to "Automated Creative Optimization" or "Regular ads".


  1. What’s the advantage of “Automated Creative Optimization” ads over regular ads?
    1. Save time and efforts on ad creation by automatically generate creative combinations.
    2. Save time and efforts on ad optimization by automatically pausing low-performing creatives and finding high performing creatives; 
    3. Extend the lifetime of an ad group by exploring more creatives at once and adding more creative assets to generate more creatives.
  2. What actions should I take, or what should I do if the performance is below expectation?
    1. During the exploration stage, please be patient because the algorithm still needs more time to learn and calculate;
    2. If all of the ads already finish exploration and the results still below expectation, you’re able to replace the creative assets and generate new creative combinations to explore.
  3. What if one of the creative assets is disapproved by ad review, will it be delivered?
    1. “Automated Creative Optimization” saves your time on editing your disapproved creatives compared to a regular ad group. Only the creative assets(images/videos/texts) that pass ad review will be the components of your creative combinations and be shown on the platform. You’re able to view the disapprove reasons within your ad group. 
  4. Where can I find the report of Automated Creative Optimization?
    1. You are able to identify “Automate Creative Optimization” ad groups by the “folder” icon in front of the ad group name. 
    2. Click on the corresponding ad group to view the performance data of your “Automate Creative Optimization” ad groups You are also able to view the data on “Report” section or export the performance data.