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"Landing Page to Video" Tool


To help you create beautiful video ads, reduce the cost of creating videos, and expand the number of your materials, TikTok Ads offers you the "Landing Page to Video" tool.
With “Landing Page to Video” tool, you’re able to simply input your landing page URL and the system will intelligently capture high-quality image material on the landing page, and then use TikTok Ads copyrighted music to generate video ads in batches.

Advantages & Features

Below are the advantages of using "Landing Page to Video":
  1. Create videos faster and easier; Expand your video library.
    1. Save time and effort on creating multiple ads.
    2. Improve ad production efficiency. Generate 10+ ad videos in 3 minutes.
    3. Generate videos in batches, quickly expand your ad video library and try more ad slots.
  2. Superior video ad effects
    1. Rich video effects, and better ad performance. Test results show a 30% increase in CTR compared with advertisers' own videos.
    2. Multi-picture layouts; video with 302 pieces of TikTok Ads copyrighted music.
  3. Use artificial intelligence to select the optimal pictures for your video.
    1. Exclude extreme pictures: remove excessively wide or tall pictures.
    2. Exclude indecent pictures: remove indecent images, nudity, and other inappropriate pictures.
    3. Exclude low-quality pictures: remove pictures with no subjects/unclear pictures/pictures with too much text.
    4. Exclude duplicate pictures: identity and only use one image from multiple similar pictures 

Set-up Steps

  1. Select "Library - Creative" in the navigation bar to proceed to the video upload section, then click "Create" to enter the video creation tool’s side menu, and select the "Landing Page to Video" feature.
  2. Enter your landing page URL, and click "Submit". The system will automatically generate 2 horizontal videos and 2 vertical videos using the pictures in your landing page. To generate more videos, you can click "Generate More Videos" and the system will then add 2 more horizontal videos and 2 more vertical videos.
  3. You can click on the video to preview it. If you need to change pictures or music in the video, you can click "Edit Video" to proceed to the video editing page to replace the corresponding picture or music.
  4. Select the videos you wish to save, and the videos will be automatically saved to "Library - Creative" for your ad delivery. 

Best Practice

  • For e-commerce platform: you can use the landing pages of different product categories, or the details pages of different products to generate videos.
  • For single-page e-commerce website: you can use the details pages of different products to generate videos.
  • For gaming or app download: you can use the App Store download link, the product's official website or the product promotion page to generate links.