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Feb 08,2023
Isabel Zhang, Global Creative Expert, TikTok For Business
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If you're here for the first time, welcome!

This playbook is designed to inspire and guide advertisers who want to Create for TikTok, and includes some key observations from our Creative Expert team.

To clarify, these are observations that the team has noticed, and are not rules that must be followed. We're not trying to box you in and impose a formula for how to succeed - quite the opposite!

This playbook is structured in 6 PARTS

01 The Basics: 4 Essential Guidelines

02 The Next Level: Creative Quantity & Diversity

03 RPG Identity

04 Observations for Creative Success

05 Creative Video Scripts

06 Try it out yourself!

Ready to get started? Let's start with the basics.

The Basics

Before you get started it’s important to know the basics. Below are some fundamental guidelines when creating ads for TikTok. By familiarising yourself with these guidelines, your chances of improved average ad performance will increase significantly.

The Essentials

We have noticed that when performance advertisers adhere to these essential practices, performance and ROI of ad spend significantly increase.

The next level

Through our observations, we have concluded that with a larger quantity of videos and a diverse pool of creatives, advertisers have an increased chance of better performance.


Creative Quantity

A high number of creative assets allows for better optimization of asset selection. We recommend spreading your creatives throughout multiple ad groups, while maintaining 3-5 creatives per group. This enables you to utilize each creative, allowing the system to learn what works best for you.

Creative Diversity

Refreshing and uploading new assets to your campaign will increase your chance of finding a winner!

RPG Identity

Before making ads for this particular community, it's important to understand the characteristics of RPG games, and the preferences of the corresponding target audience. Videos that are based around game selling points and what resonates best with the related target audience can achieve twice the results with half the effort.

Observations for creative success

On TikTok, there's really no single formula for success. It's actually more about finding your own voice - being unique and different is what will get you noticed and excite your audiences.

We understand that "being unique" is easier said than done, and may be intimidating if you're new to content creation on the platform. That's where our Creative Expert team can step in to help. Upon reviewing the top-performing creatives that targeted the United States within the fashion industry, they've identified a few key observations. The best creatives often follow a certain pattern around the way the story is told - some similar components that make up a compelling storytelling flow. We call these Creative Patterns.

By familiarizing yourself with these Creative Patterns, we hope you'll feel inspired to experiment and try out different creative methods across the 5 groups, to ultimately land on the strategy that's best-suited to you. Because on TikTok, it pays to be different.

Blend real & virtual worlds

Lift: +0.13% CTR*

Leveraging a blend of both real-life and virtual scenarios can make your creative more relatable to your audience. Rather than being fully immersed in a total fantasy world, realistic elements can help you achieve higher relatability and engagement.

Integrating the game's features into the local scenery of North America makes it resonate better with audiences who are familiar with the landscape. The fact that it's partly rooted in reality makes players want to download the game.

Depicting an offline game that can be played in real life, while incorporating digital game elements, boosts relatability and makes it easier for viewers to imagine themselves playing the game. The experience is more intimate, which will entice more users to download.

💡Think about it

The blending of virtual and real scenarios is easier said than done, because it's important to ensure that game elements are integrated naturally and seamlessly. Be sure to avoid advertising that's rigid and unnatural. To produce natural blended creative, consider the below:

  • Is there a natural opportunity to combine your gameplay or game elements with reality? For example, do you have 3D projection characters, or is there a need to collect rewards or characters in your game?

  • Are the game characters memorable? If not, you can use 3D face changing to make your characters stand out.

  • Are there any popular offline or wine table games that can be combined with your own games?


Lift: +0.11% CTR*

Leverage creators to act out skits that are related to gameplay. By enacting your story in a dynamic way, you can relate to your audiences on a more emotional level. Creators can also help highlight the game's key selling points and cultivate your audience.

Capture the audience's attention by opening with a relatable dinner party setting. When the game starts, introduce the selling points of the game. The viewer will understand key points of your game while holding their focus for the reveal of the ultimate winner.

Illustrate the game's difficulty level and then cut to the phone screen to introduce the game's selling points. The conflicting emotions of the creators will motivate players to download the game.

💡Think about it

It's important that the skits are smooth and interesting, following a coherent and compelling storyline. Don't be tempted to copy unoriginal skits that don't follow a logical narrative. During the skit, you should consider how to include the key selling points of the game when the audience is the most focused.

  • Do your game selling points match well with the skit you have in mind? If not, don't force it. Try to think of another skit that matches.

  • What could be an opener that resonates emotionally with your audiences?

  • What video tone works best with your game features?

  • Find the right balance of tension in the skit, so that audiences hold their attention while digesting the information about the game.

Game Commentary

Real voices commentating on the game can drive emotional appeal, while adding a helpful layer of extra context for deeper understanding.

Show live gameplay through screen recordings, and appeal to viewers' senses and emotions. This is a great way to drive players to download your game.

This video leverages comparison to show various game character possibilities and gameplay. This will pique interest and make viewers want to learn more. Finally, challenge the audience to try for themselves to stimulate desire to download the game.

💡Think about it

This pattern can be achieved through live broadcasts, live recordings, and game reviews. Exciting gameplay visuals accompanied by a clarifying and appealing narrative will instill the desire to download.

  • Is your game suitable for live broadcasts? If not, consider the below.

  • Does your game include exciting visuals that can be featured and commented on? - draws, BOSS battle, classic story, ult display, etc.


Lift: +0.27% CTR*

Make the audience feel like they can influence the outcome of the game by being presented with options to choose from. Leverage TikTok's visual and audio elements and special effects to convey the options, which will improve the interactivity and appeal of the video. This pattern blends in well with TikTok's user expectations for content on the platform, and will boost the CTR.

When facing the enemy, being presented with a choice of different options makes the audience curious about the plot and what they can do to influence the outcome.

A menu of options to choose from is the theme that runs through the whole video. It clearly illustrates the gameplay while piquing interest in the viewer about the results of the various options.

💡Think about it

People love seeing their personal impact on the outcome of a story or challenge. Presenting options within the game plot is a common way to hook audiences and get them interested. The audience will want to know the right vs. wrong choice and the consequences - ultimately downloading the game and trying it out for themselves. However, note that players who enter the store page through this type of content are generally plot-oriented players, so a potential concern is whether the store map matches.


Lift: +0.14% CTR*

People love a good challenge or conflict, which makes Battle one of the main game elements of RPG. Gameplay that shows a battle scene can effectively improve the audience's desire to click and learn more.

A battle scene combined with computer graphics can effectively pique the audience's imagination.

This video shows a battle of various characters. At the same time, it highlights the diversity and eye-catching landscapes that make the viewer feel immersed.

💡Think about it

The battle scene can either be a straight game recording from a screen, or shown through computer graphics. The battle scene can also be used as a channel through which you can convey other selling points of the game, such as characters, maps, key skills, etc.

  • Is your game suitable for combining computer graphics and video recording? We recommend that mixed clips cater to the attributes of the target audience.

  • Identify the best means through which you can showcase the magnificence of battle. Is it through multi-role? Damage value? Special effects?


Everyone loves free rewards, and that satisfying feeling of collecting rewards, points, or rare props. Add special visual or audio effects around rewards to create a bigger impact.

Win the battle by upgrading through in-game rewards.

Get rewards by exchanging redeemable codes, which will improve battle power.

💡Think about it

Rewards come in all shapes and forms, depending on the game. They could be redeemable rewards, pictures of rare props, and so many other options! This element is a powerful way to attract the attention of RPG players. However, be careful and realistic, and stay true to your offer. Otherwise, it may be perceived as a false promotion and reduce your CTR.


Use a voiceover explanation to help the audience better understand the meaning of the game and what they're seeing in your creative. This can be a good way to introduce the game and emphasize its key selling points.

Having a voiceover explain the background story of the game can lead to a more immersive experience and a deeper understanding of the game.

Introduce the various gameplay methods with a narrative, while showcasing a recording of the game. This can make your creative more memorable and easier to understand.

💡Think about it

Clear and compelling voiceovers are a powerful tool, particularly for ensuring your audience's understanding. The clearer you are, the better your audiences will understand the key selling points of the game - and the stronger their desire to click! This pattern is similar to Commentary, but doesn't feature a real person. A voice in the background is sufficient, which makes this an attractive pattern for lower budgets.

  • When introducing the game via voiceover, we recommend adding subtitles to enhance your audience's understanding.

  • While highlighting the selling points, you can change the tone to make it extra memorable. You can also change the font size, color, and special effects around the subtitles for added emphasis.

Inspiration: Character Display

Showcase your game's iconic characters in creative, memorable ways.

The characters are introduced in a creative, visually appealing way that imitates Airdrop - something most of us are familiar with.

Grasp the audience's attention with Tinder-like characters display.

💡Think about it

  • Are there other formats that can be used to introduce characters?

  • Think of transitions, special effects, and different storylines.


Lift: +0.30% CTR*

IP, or "intellectual property" generally refers to a vital element of a game that belongs to the game developer, like certain animation characters or designs. Games that have IPs tend to be well-known with large fan bases. These kinds of games are popular and attract a large following, which means it has advantages for CTR. If you can match your creative patterns to certain IPs, you can double your impact on your audience!

IP & Language CTR+0.49%*

The IP + Voiceover combination makes viewers feel like they're watching an anime, which keeps them hooked. In the meantime, you can clearly convey the selling points of the game to encourage downloads.

IP & Rewards CTR+0.41%*

The popularity of IP games, plus the incentive of additional rewards, is sure to make audiences more willing to try it out for themselves.

IP & Battle CTR+0.40%*

This epic IP attracts IP fans while also recalling old players. This makes people feel nostalgic, and feel incentivized to play again.

💡Think about it

Conduct a user profile analysis of the IP fans, and combine patterns according to their preferences. Feel free to mix and match. This can be a great way to effectively improve conversion.

  • If they like the IP story, try IP & Voiceover

  • If they like the items and other elements of the IP, you can try IP & Rewards

  • If they like battles between characters, you can try IP & Battle

Iconic Characters & Rewards Anime

Lift: +0.22% CTR*

Use iconic or familiar characters from the game, and have them obtain various forms of rewards. This is a powerful combination with endless possibilities. You can make the players switch roles after receiving a reward, for example, sparking the audience's interest. You can also offer characters as rewards.

This ad uses the hottest characters in Japanese anime to attract the audience's attention. The video makes the audience feel like they can get all these characters with the redeemable code reward.

💡Think about it

Choose the characters and rewards wisely. Don't limit your options to only the most powerful characters, but try to really understand your target audience's preferences.

  • What is the aesthetic and personality preference of the target market? Is there a role or character they resonate with?

  • What kinds of rewards can be matched to maximize the effect? Draw? Resources? Discount?

Battle & Various Rewards

Battle & Rewards CTR+0.19%*

This video shows that a player has boosted his team's strength through free benefits, and then enters the fight with an easy win. This sense of achievement is highly attractive - no one can resist it!

Battle & Draw CTR+0.18%*

The card drawing interface shows the SSR ("specialty super rare") characters and directly cuts to the battle so that the audience can immediately feel the impact of these powerful characters, and develop an eagerness to try.

💡Think about it

Battles, one of the key elements of RPG, combined with rewards and draws are an unbeatable match that can motivate your audience to try your game. After all, who doesn't want to beat others in the game for free, or with an advantage.

Plot Twist

Lift: +0.23% CTR*

A plot twist is an unexpected surprise that occurs in the story. In many cases with RPG games, the "underdog" role in the video proves themselves to be better than others, showcasing their impressive strength and capabilities. People generally enjoy this unexpected surprise and enjoy watching the action unfold.

There are two twists in this video. One is that the female is better than her male friends at playing games, and the other is that SSR characters can certainly defeat SR characters. The reversal of the plot shows that both men and women can easily play the game, and there's a great role balance in the game.

The interesting point of this video is that everyone thinks that the leading female role will definitely counterattack, but she failed. This will encourage people to want to take on the challenge for themselves, and download the game to try it out.

💡Think about it

Plot twists always take the audience on an unexpected and delightful journey! The emotional response to this pattern makes it intriguing. There's a lot of freedom to play around with the endless options for plot twists.

  • What are the selling points of the game that can quickly improve battle power effectiveness?

  • How to go through the plot and complete the twist without being abrupt?

  • Don't be afraid of failure in the ending. Unexpected stories may make people feel more interested, and can come off as more authentic.


Conveying excitement and anticipation of something fun will allow audiences to share in the feeling. They will feel more emotionally connected and immersed in the experience.

The commentary of the creator in the video makes it clear what to expect and what he's excited about, which motivates audiences to join in on the anticipated fun.

💡Think about it

People are always seeking excitement! Try integrating an exciting storyline or call to action into your activities or game characters, so that audiences can feel the joy that the game brings to their lives.


Close to distant views, fast to slow, left to right - quick camera perspective switches can add a level of dynamic energy to your video. The footage will have more depth, which improves the overall sensory experience.

The view of the game universe is shown from a distance, while the battle scenes and characters are shown up close. This creative conveys a strong sense of hierarchy, and immerses the viewer into the battle.

The combination of fast and slow shots places a greater focus on the details of the characters, which makes it much more dynamic.

💡Think about it

TikTok is well-known for its camera and POV switches. By leveraging camera switches, you'll be creating content that's more native to the platform. TikTok audiences prefer dynamic, multi-layered videos, so try it out! Not only does this help elevate the creative, it can also instill a strong sense of excitement and participation from the audience.

  • What is the logic of camera switches? Try to fit it naturally within the storyline to emphasize certain messages.

  • What's the right number of camera switches? Be careful not to overdo it and confuse the audience.

  • Is the theme of the game suitable for camera switching? Will it add a layer of richness to the scenes?

Creative Video Scripts

Writing your video script might seem intimidating at first. Where to start? So many possibilities!

Don't worry, we're here to provide you with a few creative examples that should serve as thoughtstarters to get you going. As you write your video script, always remember to write with your audience in mind. Ask yourself these questions: How do they want to be spoken to? What resonates with them? For the strategic games category, make sure to keep it conversational and casual -- infusing the right humor, tone, and inflection accordingly.

In terms of flow, we can break down script into three parts: the beginning, the middle, and the end. Each section should have its own unique purpose and content that supports the overall video. Understanding the logic behind each section will help simplify the script-writing process.


The hook:

The first 3-6 seconds of your ad are precious. Make the most of this window of time by captivating your audience with a powerful, attention-grabbing hook that draws them in to keep watching. Make sure the hook is related to your game in some way. This will ensure a smooth transition from the initial hook to the key message that follows.



Right after the hook, it's time to highlight gameplay and deliver your key message to your target audience in a clear, concise, and memorable way. It's also important to communicate gameplay/key message in a natural and cohesive way. This will help build trust in your brand.


The CTA:

End with a simple and straightforward CTA to continue the momentum and get your audience to take action. It should be easy enough to follow as a next step right after they watch your content.

Creative Tips for Script-writing

Beginning: Hook

Take advantage of the first 3-6 seconds to capture your audience's attention. This is your time to shine, so do whatever it takes! Add intriguing, attention-grabbing elements that will make viewers want to watch for longer.

Iconic Characters

Showing unique or well-known characters can immediately capture the audience's attention.

Tip: New in-game offers or activities are great hooks as well.

Emotional or Inviting Opener

By starting off with a question, you can delight your audience with a surprising hook that invites them to follow your story. Talking through the game's selling points upfront will also help the audience understand your game faster, increasing the CVR.

Tip: If you happen to have a brand new or rare gameplay method, do not be shy to show it off!

Set a Challenge

Set yourself a challenge and go for it. Regardless of whether you fail or succeed, the audience can then imagine themselves playing the game. This is a great tactic for encouraging downloads, so they can try it out for themselves and see if they succeed.

Tip: If your game has a highly competitive battle design or a high level of difficulty, try to challenge your audience!

Middle: Gameplay Related

Needless to say, attractions of the game itself are highly effective selling points of the game. This often includes gameplay recordings, Mixed Clips and Remakes of Battle Scenes. Any gameplay-related elements that make it memorable and unique to your audiences should be considered.

RPG players pay the most attention to the gameplay, second only to Action Games (ACT) players. Presenting your gameplay in a compelling, powerful way is a key part of player acquisition.

Single Gameplay Recording

This video shows a straight shot of a gameplay recording. The extraordinary design in the game makes it suitable for a single recorded shot. Consider this if you have an exciting battle scene with cool special effects.

Mixed Clips

If the game has a large number of gameplay methods - including but not limited to Battle, Draw, Rougelike, or Championship, why not showcase them all together? Audiences can experience all the possibilities of the whole game at once.

Gameplay Remake

Does your game have outstanding character and universe design? Do you have strong remake skills? Try out a Remake! This will give your audiences a totally new visual experience - an exquisite remake battle scene or story decreases people's resistance to ads, and prolongs the viewing duration.

Ending: CTA

Don't forget to add a compelling call-to-action at the end of your video ad. Use your game logo, catchy slogan, and a clear button to direct users to the next step. Keep up the momentum and transfer your audience's attention to the next action - downloading or purchasing the game.

Typical CTA

  • "Download Now!"

  • "Free to Play/Download"!"

  • "Download for Free!"

  • "Play Now!"


The slogan often appears with the logo at the end of the video to emphasize the catchy tagline that's usually short but memorable.

Provocative Sentence

“Can you do better than me?” or similar questions can invite or challenge viewers to download the game and try it out. It can spark their sense of competition and desire to win.

Storytelling Script Writing

General Script Writing - based on the script structure

The Process of Writing An Overview Script - Get Inspired

Scripts for different moments

  • Typical RPG


Feature: Iconic character showcase - introduce the character to your audience, along with its background story.


Feature: Add interactive elements - Option, Battle, or Rewards, that work with all types of video formats.


Feature: 1.Additional, unique storyline - Write a new storyline that's different from the background story of the game, to highlight the selling points from a different angle.


Feature: 2.TikTok Trends never fails to capture the audience's attention! Follow the trends on Creative Center, and you won't go wrong.

  • IP RPG - Animation


Feature: Iconic character display with IP animation - leverage IP background music (BGM) or Character Voices (CV) to capture the attention of IP fans.


Feature: Unique gameplay methods combined with regular RPG game recording work well with all types of video formats - to grasp the attention of RPG fans and new audiences. Including animation into your promotion video (PV) can result in a positive outcome as well.


Feature: Promote seasonal activities, new characters and new rewards with the animation - the goal here is re-engagement, ensuring that your players keep coming back and continuing to play.

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Try it out!

· Have you tried add additional design to the gameplay part? Review your existing assets. Are there elements you could add to create a new layer of depth?

· Try 5 new creative patterns or mix and match to modify your videos. Test and compare to see if there's a lift in results.

· Test 10 new creative scripts using the formats suggested above. Make sure the message is clear throughout your video. A/B test to see if results are affected.

Get started now by jumping into TikTok Ads Manager and let your creativity take over!

* TikTok internal data, CTR compared between ad groups that use this creative pattern vs. ad groups that don't, Aug 2022

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