About TikTok Pixel for Shopify
Last updated, May 2024

For select regions, you can set up TikTok Pixel and Events API via the TikTok channel app on Shopify.

About TikTok Pixel

The pixel is a piece of code placed on your website to help you find new customers, optimize your campaigns, and measure ad performance. With the pixel, you can track website visitor actions, like 'view page' or 'purchase,' and create audience segments to re-engage previous site visitors or model lookalikes to find new customers. Learn more about TikTok Pixel at our TikTok for Business Help Center here.

About Events API

TikTok’s Events API is a secure server-to-server interface that allows advertisers to share the actions customers take on their websites directly with TikTok. Events API helps businesses to future-proof and adapt to the changing ads ecosystem, by allowing unobstructed marketing data sharing between your business and TikTok to reach your marketing objectives. Learn more about Events API at our TikTok for Business Help Center here.

TikTok Pixel for Shopify

The TikTok Pixel for Shopify offers three core benefits.

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1. ​Easy implementation: With the click of a button, eliminate complicated set-up errors and gain cutting-edge insights into your product and checkout flows.

  • ​Full-funnel event tracking including the payment and checkout pages is not available without the Shopify partner integration.

  • ​One-click step to create a pixel and Events API in the TikTok channel app.

  • ​Standardized event rules are specific to Shopify's unique user journey.

2. Advanced features: Built using the powerful developer codebase, TikTok Pixel for Shopify offers premier access to TikTok's newest features.

  • ​Advanced Matching: Attribute website visitor events with improved match rate accuracy to better measure results.

  • ​Audience enrichment: Build audiences and capitalize on opportunities to show relevant ads to potential customers.

  • ​Product parameters: Send additional information about website visitor actions, like the total price of an order or product name and category. Parameters can be used to customize audiences and enrich reporting with metrics like Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

3. Automatic updates: Stay on top of the latest pixel and Events API updates with automatic version releases, no action is required.

  • ​Since TikTok has direct integration with Shopify's API, we can automatically push updated code directly to Shopify.

Installation Instructions

  1. ​Type TikTok into the search bar in the Shopify app store

  2. ​Select the official TikTok app by TikTok Inc.

  3. ​Install the TikTok app

  4. ​Connect your TikTok For Business account

  5. ​Connect your Ad account

  6. ​Create a new pixel by clicking the Create Pixel button or selecting an existing pixel to connect to

Supported TikTok Pixel Events

The following events are supported via the TikTok Pixel for Shopify:

  • Add Payment Info: When a visitor adds their payment information in the checkout flow.

  • Add to Cart: When a visitor adds an item to the shopping cart.

  • Complete Payment: When a visitor makes a payment. This is considered a type of purchase event.

  • Initiate Checkout: When a visitor is ready to make a purchase and is checking out.

  • Search: When a visitor makes a search.

  • View Content: When a visitor views an important page. We recommend tracking the important pages of your website that matter to your business. Examples can include a product comparison page, announcements or releases, etc.

Advanced Matching

Advanced Matching is an optional feature available via the TikTok Pixel that enables advertisers to send privacy-safe hashed customer information (email addresses and phone numbers) to better match TikTok ads with website conversions, and enrich audiences for retargeting.

There are two core benefits available with this feature:

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  • Measurement: With the ability to better match TikTok ads with website conversions, Advanced Matching enables more accurate measurement with more tracked conversions and lower Cost Per Acquisitions (CPAs) in reporting. Advanced Matching also enables multi-session reporting for people who log in to TikTok, which helps track purchases made across different devices, different browsers, or at different times.

  • ​Audience Enrichment: Advanced Matching provides the ability to enrich audiences for retargeting based on website visitor actions. Advanced Matching is also required for leveraging products like Dynamic Product Ads (DPA) retargeting.

TikTok Data Sharing

You have the ability to choose how customer data and browsing behavior is collected in your online store via TikTok Business Products. When Advanced Matching is enabled, you agree to share customer data with TikTok, which could include email, phone number, name, and location. Advanced Matching can increase your retargeting audience, drive better conversion attribution, and improve your campaign performance.

As this feature shares privacy-safe personal customer details with us, you should ensure your privacy policy reflects your usage of customer data.

For more information, please refer to How does TikTok protect my customer data? And the TikTok Business Products (Data) Terms. To learn more about data sharing levels, refer to Data Sharing on TikTok App on Shopify.