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About video insights in TikTok Ads Manager
Last updated: July 2024

Video Insights on TikTok Ads Manager is a tool that allows you to analyze your video creative performance and understand your audience through video interactions to inspire the next high-performing video. Use Video Insights to dig deeper into your highest and lowest-performing videos, compare videos with each other, and even compare video performance against industry benchmark values.

You can access Video Insights by going to TikTok Ads Manager. Go to the Analytics tab. On the drop down menu, click Video Insights.


The following are features of Video Insights:

  • Video Insights Home Page: The home page for Video Insights features two charts above the video metrics table.

  • Data Overview Bar: The Data Overview Bar allows you to view an overall summary of your video data. You can view quick stats that include:

    • Previous days' ad spend

    • The total number of active video creatives

    • The number of videos created today, the last seven days, and the all-time total

  • By-Day Trend Line: Video insights features a chart for you to see your video performance on a daily basis. You can view trend lines for their top or bottom five videos, or look at an aggregate trend line view of all videos from the specified timeframe. Hovering over each line in the graph will show details of the video and allow you to compare it with another video.

  • Comparison Analysis Coordinate Graph: The comparison analysis coordinate graph shows you a view of high-potential videos based on the video's CTR and total cost. Hovering over a dot in the graph will show the details of each video and allow you to compare it with another video.

  • Video Insights: lets you select videos to compare performance across pre-defined metrics such as total cost, CPC, CPM, or across custom columns that you define.

  • Industry Benchmark: Industry Benchmark rankings show how your videos perform against others in the same industry.

  • Video Analysis Drawer: For each video within the Video Analysis drawer, you can access modules ranging from key frame analysis and audience breakdowns to interactive add-ons and comment analysis. These modules can help you better understand how and why certain videos perform better than others, and which video elements contribute to that success.

  • Within each individual Video Analysis Drawer (click on View Analysis for each video), you can access multitudes of information related to a specific video. These five key data points include:

    • The Key Frame Analysis graph lets you choose two metrics to analyze, and shows how those metrics are expressed in relation to your video.

      • For example, if you choose Clicks and Video Views, the key frame analysis graph will show you how many clicks and video views were generated in each specific key frame, broken down in seconds, of their video creative.

    • The Key Frame Analysis graph is located in the first module of the Video Analysis Drawer.

    • Metrics in the key frame analysis graph are an estimate and may vary from the summary metrics on the home page due to a number of reasons:

    • VTA conversions are not included

    • iOS14 policy prevents certain data from being included

    • Other technical reasons (related to users having an older TT app version, bugs, issues collecting duration info, etc.)

  • Trend Line: The Trend Line graph lets you choose two metrics to analyze, and shows how those metrics trend over time in your video, broken down in days. The Trend Line graph is located in the first module of the Video Analysis Drawer.

  • Audience breakdown: The Audience Breakdown module shows you a broad overview of the audience that interacts with your video, broken down by age, gender, location, and device. You can choose a metric to analyze, and Audience Breakdown will show relatable metrics specific to each category.

    • For example, choosing Location will break down your chosen metric by Top Countries/Regions and Subregions.

  • Instant page and interactive add-on activity: The Instant Page and Interactive Add-On tabs display key metrics that show how your audience has interacted with your Instant Pages and Interactive Add-Ons. You can find these tabs below the Key Frame Analysis and Trend Line section.

  • Comments Analysis: The Comments tab lets you analyze comments specific to the video that your audience is watching.

  • The Industry Ranking Filter: The Industry Ranking filter shows how your video creatives (across all of your accessible ad accounts) are performing against industry benchmarks.

  • Video Comparison feature: Access the Video Comparison feature from the home page. You can find additional entrances in the hover windows for each video from the by-day trend line graph or the comparison analysis coordinate graph.

    • To start with video comparisons, select the timeframe for the video(s) you want to compare.

    • Select which video(s) you want to add to each video group. You can select anywhere from one to an unlimited number of videos per video group. Once you have specified each video group, you will be able to view aggregated video group metrics to compare across video groups.

    • With the video group comparison feature, you can select two individual videos or groups of videos to compare. Aggregate metrics will appear in the table for each video group.

  • Video Key Frame Comparison: With the video key frame comparison feature, you can select two videos to compare frame by frame on a metric they choose from the dropdown list. You can only compare one video to another video at a time. If you put all of the relevant videos you want to compare into groups, it will make it easier to toggle between different videos with the given radio buttons.