About Web Attribution

Web attribution is the process of assigning credit to website visitor actions that happen as a result of digital advertising investment. Often, advertisers track Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) to evaluate the effectiveness of their digital ads. In order to attribute when a TikTok user clicks or views an ad, and then converts on the advertiser website, advertisers are required to implement one of the web-based attribution tools. The pixel is the most commonly used advertiser tool for this purpose.

Web Attribution Products

With any of our web attribution solutions, you can find new customers, optimize your campaigns and measure ad performance. In addition, you can track website visitor actions, like 'view page' or 'purchase,' and create audience segments to re-engage previous site visitors or model lookalikes to find new customers.

  • Build marketing audiences: Create Custom Audiences based on website visitor events, like viewing a product page or making a purchase. Audiences can be used to re-engage previous site visitors or model lookalikes to find new customers.

  • Optimize ad delivery: Target audiences that are more likely to initiate a website event by setting an optimization goal to visitor events like add to cart, view page or purchase.

  • Measure campaign performance: Measure your ad performance and return on ad spend (ROAS) based on a series of conversion events you define.

There are 2 solutions for attributing web conversions, including:

TikTok Pixel

The pixel is the most common web attribution product. The pixel should be used when visitors are driven to complete online actions, like viewing a webpage, filling out a form or purchasing a product. Once installed, the pixel will automatically capture and transmit privacy-safe webpage information as visitors interact with the website.

  • ​Pixel (Standard Mode or Developer Mode)

  • ​Advanced Matching (Only available with Developer Mode)

Attribution details:

  • ​Matching signals: TikTok supports matching via Advanced Matching (email and phone number) and other signals like IP address & user agent for users who are not opted-out of tracking. Advanced Matching via email and phone number will always take precedent over matching via IP address and user agent. If both methods cannot match a user, the pixel will only track the user's single session.

  • Conversion windows: For more information see, Attribution Manager.

  • TikTok respects individual users' privacy choices: TikTok will honor users' in-app and device-level privacy settings. For more information, please see the Safety Center

Learn more about the TikTok Pixel.

Events API Web

The TikTok Events API is a Server-to-Server (S2S) integration that allows advertisers to share website and app visitor events directly to TikTok. Data that is shared via the Events API is processed similar to information shared via the TikTok pixel and TikTok SDK business tools. Advertisers can leverage events data to power solutions like dynamic product ads, custom targeting, campaign optimization and attribution.

Learn more about Events API.