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TikTok Advertising Policies - Ad Creatives

1. Overview

TikTok Advertising Policies - Ad Creatives apply to all TikTok paid advertising products. Advertisers on TikTok are responsible for their ads complying with all applicable laws and regulations that apply to the ad targeting regions, being honest about the products or services the ad is promoting, creating truthful ads, and advertising safely.

In addition, advertisers must also comply with the TikTok Terms of Service and Community Guidelines, and all other TikTok policies governing the use of our services. Our advertising policies are listed below. These policies are designed to ensure a safe and positive environment for our users.

The advertising policies are updated periodically. Please check this page often to ensure that you are always up to date on our latest advertising policy requirements.

2. General Information

2.1 Understanding Our Policies 

TikTok Advertising Policies have two different sections. The first is the industry entry section which provides information about the products and services that can be advertised through TikTok ads. The second section provides guidance on what types of advertising content are allowed. When advertisers place an order, each advertisement is reviewed against these policies.

Before reading the ad creative policies below, please make sure you read the Industry Entry Policy carefully to understand if the products/services you promote are acceptable in the targeted regions. 

2.2 Ad Review Process

The turnaround time for ad review is typically less than 24 hours, although it may take longer in some cases.The ad review process involves vetting the products/services promoted, ad caption, text, images, audio, visuals, age/region targeting, and landing pages. In order to run on the platform, all ad creatives should be compliant with all advertising policies or changes in your ad group "suggestions“. 

2.3 Steps to Take if Disapproved

If your ad is disapproved for not fully complying with our policies, you can edit it and resubmit for review. To edit your ad:
  • Check the ad details of the disapproval reason in your ad group "suggestions“.
  • Using the information in your disapproval reason, you can edit your ad and create a compliant one.
  • Save your edited changes. Once you save your changes, your ad will be resubmitted for review in less than 24 hours. In some cases, it may take longer.
To be in line with our effort to improve user experience on TikTok, advertisements must comply with the following guidelines:

3. Ad Format and Functionality

3.1 Landing Page Requirements

To ensure user experience when our users are led to the landing page, the landing page must work properly.

a. Ads must not direct users to a non-functional landing page.
❌ Landing pages that have errors or are expired, or sites under construction.
❌ Landing pages with incomplete content on the web pages.
❌ Landing pages that are not mobile-friendly.
❌ Landing pages with the browser's back button disabled.
❌ Landing pages which automatically download files to the user's mobile phone.
❌ Landing pages which require users to download additional programs or input personal information to access the main content on the landing pages.
✅ Ads direct users to the Google Play Store or App Store to download the app, the official website of the product or service, or the page of the product advertised.

ReminderPlease check the landing page using the network of the ad targeting region/regions.

b. Ads must not display prohibited products on the landing page.

c. E-commerce ads must display valid information on the landing pages. The information required by local law includes, but is not limited to the advertiser's contact details, company name, company address, business license, local currency price display, terms & conditions, shipping info, privacy policy, returns policy, and refund policy. 

d. Lead Ads must contain a Privacy Policy on landing page, and must not request sensitive personal information on the instant form created by advertisers. The sensitive personal information include, but is not limited to Personal identity information, financial or insurance information, network identity information, health physiological information, biometric information, etc.

3.2 Ad Consistency

a. The ad creative (ad caption, ad text, ad images, ad videos, ad CTA) needs to be consistent with the promoted products on the landing page.
❌ The product promoted in the ad video is A, while the product on the landing page is B.
❌ The brand of the product promoted in the ad video is A, while the brand of the product on the landing page is B.

b. The ad caption needs to be consistent with the corresponding ad image or video.
❌ The ad caption is "Create a cartoon of yourself", while the corresponding ad video displays "meet your future self".
❌  The ad caption is "Up to 50% off", while the corresponding ad image displays "Up to 30% off".

c. The "Display Name" needs to match the promoted product on the landing page. The "App Name" needs to match the app name shown on the landing page.
❌ Landing page ads: The “Display Name” is AA lotion while the promoted product on the landing page is AA shampoo or CC lotion.
❌ App download ads: The “App Name” is ABC, while the app name shown on the landing page is XYZ.

3.3 Ad Language

a. The ad targeting region is a single region and the ad “setting language” is a single language: The language of the ad creative and landing page needs to be consistent with the setting language or accepted language of the ad targeting region.

b. The ad targeting region is a single region and the ad “setting language” is multiple languages:The language of the ad creative and landing page needs to be consistent with the accepted language of the ad targeting region.

c. The ad targeting regions are multiple regions and the ad “setting language” is a single language:The language of the ad creative and landing page needs to be consistent with the setting language or a language that is accepted across all the ad targeting regions.

d. The ad targeting regions are multiple regions and the ad “setting language” is multiple languages: The language of the ad creative and landing page needs to be a language that is accepted across all the ad targeting regions.

The acceptable languages of ad targeting regions are as follows:
  • Australia: English
  • Austria:German+English
  • Brazil: Portuguese
  • Belgium:Dutch+German+French+English
  • Canada: English
  • Denmark: Danish+English
  • Egypt: Arabic+English
  • Finland: Finnish+Swedish+English
  • France: French
  • Germany: German+English
  • Hong Kong: Mandarin(Traditional Chinese) +Cantonese+English
  • Indonesia: Indonesian
  • Ireland: Irish+English
  • IsraelHebrew+English+Arabic+Russian
  • ItalyItalian+English
  • Japan: Japanese
  • Malaysia: Bahasa Melayu+English
  • Netherlands: Dutch+English
  • Norway: Norwegian+English
  • Philippines: Filipino (Tagalog) +English 
  • Poland: Polish
  • Russia: Russian
  • Saudi Arabia: Arabic+English
  • Singapore: Bahasa Melayu+Chinese+English  
  • South Korea: Korean
  • Spain: Spanish
  • Sweden: Swedish+English
  • Switzerland: German+French+Romansh+Italian+English
  • Taiwan: Mandarin (Traditional Chinese) 
  • Thailand: Thai
  • Turkey: Turkish+English
  • United Arab Emirates: Arabic+English
  • United KingdomEnglish
  • United States: English
  • Vietnam: Vietnamese

3.4 Ad Caption/Text, Image and Video

a. The ad caption/text must not contain a spelling or grammar mistake, cause an undesirable user experience, or use symbols incorrectly among the letters.
❌ Use uncommonly accepted spelling or grammar, such as "Rrom" instead of "From".
❌ Excessive or gimmicky use of capitalization, spacing, numbers, symbols, or punctuation among the letters in the ad caption.

b. The ad image must not contain blurry, unclear, or unrecognizable visuals, or use columns/pixels to intentionally partially cover images.
❌ The ad image displays incomplete text or illegible text.
❌ The ad image contains blurred or masked third-party watermarks.

c. The ad image and video must be legible and of a high resolution.

d. The ad video duration must be 5 seconds minimum and 60 seconds maximum on TikTok.

e. The ad video must use the standard video size: Vertical (9:16)/Square (1:1)/Horizontal(16:9).

f. The ad audio must not be of a poor quality, such as containing unclear or unrecognizable sounds, and the information which appears in the content must be understandable.

4. Prohibited Content

4.1 Community Standards

Ads must adhere to Terms of Service and Community Guidelines of TikTok.

4.2 Illegal Services and Activity

Ads must not display, facilitate, or promote services or activities considered as illegal in a given jurisdiction.

4.3 Drugs and Drug Paraphernalia

Ads must not display or promote prescription or recreational drugs, or accessories associated with drug use such as bongs, rolling papers, or vaporized delivery devices.

4.4 Weapons, Ammunition and Explosives

Ads must not display or promote the use of dangerous weapons, ammunition, or explosives in real life, including, but not limited to, guns, explosives, bombs, or other objects that are designed to cause harm to individuals.

4.5 Tobacco Products and Smoking

Ads must not display or promote tobacco, tobacco-related products such as cigars, tobacco pipes, rolling papers, or e-cigarettes, or smoking-related behavior in real life, including, but not limited to, alternatives which imitate the act of smoking.

4.6 Political Content

Ads must not reference, promote or oppose a candidate for public office, current or former political leader, political party, or political organization. They must not contain content that advocates a stance (for or against) on a local, state, or federal issue of public importance in order to influence a political outcome.

4.7 Military Content

Ads must not display negative content regarding the military or police symbols, sensitive military events, militarism, the advocating or whitewashing of war, unlawful elements, etc.

4.8 Discriminatory Content 

Ads must not contain hate speech against a protected group, individual, or organization based on race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, family status, or medical or genetic condition, etc.

4.9 Adult Sexual Content

a. Ads must not display or promote the use of prohibited adult products or services.
b. Ads must not display sexual activities or behaviors that are overly suggestive or sexually provocative.
c. Ads must not display full or partial nudity, or implied nudity.
d. Ads must not display excessively visible skin exposure of a male or female, even if not explicitly sexual in nature.
e. Ads must not focus on individual sensitive body parts, such as a person's buttocks.

4.10 Copyright Infringement

a. Ads must not display elements related to TikTok without TikTok's permission.
❌ Ads displaying the TikTok logo without TikTok's permission.
❌ Ads with the description "TikTok Bestseller" without TikTok's permission.
❌ A landing page imitating the interface of TikTok's hashtag challenge page without TikTok's permission.
❌ An ad caption containing the “#” symbol without TikTok's permission.

b. Ads must not display content that infringes or violates the rights of any third party, including, but not limited to, trademarks, marks, logos, brands, service marks, trade names or other personal or proprietary rights.
❌ Ads displaying third-party names in a way that could mislead users about the advertiser’s brand affiliation.
❌ Ads displaying apps or security cameras or any software/equipment for filming/taping/following people without their permission.

c. Ads must not display or promote counterfeit products.
❌ Ads displaying fake documents, such as counterfeit degrees, passports, or immigration papers.
❌ Ads displaying fakes or unauthorized replicas of a real product.

4.11 Misleading Claims

a. Ads must not contain an exaggerated performance promise concerning a product's effect.
❌ Lotion: Get slim legs right away.
❌ Financial Product: Get money in 10 seconds.
❌ Claims of cures for incurable diseases.
❌ Showing wrinkles disappearing through "before and after" comparisons by using a cream.

b. Ads must not display exaggerated descriptions or absolute claims without related proof.
❌ NO.1 music app of the whole world.
❌ 100% natural herbal cream.

c. Ads must not contain a malicious comparison with other brands.
❌ This product is XX cheaper than the ABC website.

d. Ads must not contain invalid buttons, induced gestures, or text (buttons/gestures/text that portray unsupported functionality).
❌ "Swipe up to learn more" text in an ad, if swiping up will just lead users to the next video and not lead them anywhere.

4.12 Sensational and Shocking Content

a. Ads must not display bloody or gruesome imagery or graphic images that are likely to shock or scare users.
❌ A crime scene or images of accidents.
❌ A horror scene or bloody stills.

b. Ads must not contain disgusting imagery that may cause an uncomfortable user experience.
❌ Visuals of sexual fluids, or human or animal waste.
❌ Visuals that show dirt coming out of pores of the face or hair being pulled out of the drainage.

c. Ads must not contain content that displays crime, excessive violence, cruelty, or gratuitous violence towards animals.
❌ Ads displaying real fighting with bloody scenes.
❌ Ads displaying animal cruelty, such as cock or dog fighting.

d. Ads must not display dangerous behaviors without safety protection.

e. Ads must not contain violent language or insulting actions.  

4.13 Data Collection

Ads must guarantee that any personal information which is collected in the ad is collected and processed securely and in accordance with local laws and that the privacy policy should be accessible to any individual whose data is being collected and processed. 

5. Restricted Content

5.1 Alcohol

a. Ads must not display excessive drinking or irresponsible drinking.
b. Ads must not display or promote alcohol brand names, bar scenes, or scenes of drinking in real life in some specific ad targeting regions.

5.2 Gambling and Lotteries

a. Ads must not display, facilitate, or promote online gambling with real money or simulated gambling which features the depositing and withdrawal of money, and must not portray or encourage gambling-related behavior.
b. Ads must not display, facilitate, or promote lotteries that use real money or sports/horse race betting in some specific ad targeting regions.

5.3 Religion and Culture

a. Ads must not feature disrespectful actions involving or towards religious buildings, religious symbols, or a malicious comparison of religions.
b. Ads must not display content that violates the local culture of the ad targeting regions.

5.4 Protection of Minors

a. Ads must not display, facilitate or promote inappropriate behaviors involving minors, such as underage drinking or underage smoking.
b. Ads must not display excessive skin exposure of minors.
c. Ads must not influence minors to participate in unsuitable activities, such as buying lottery tickets.
d. Ads must not display or promote products/games appealing to minors in some specific ad targeting regions.

5.5 Weight control/management

Only applied to CA/EU/US

a. Ads should not promote an unhealthy body image or an unhealthy relationship with food.
b. Ads should not feature anyone under 18 years of age.
c. Ads for dieting and other weight management products must prepare claims with a sense of responsibility; avoiding promises that the product alone, without diet or exercise can lead to weight loss; performance exaggerations; or suggestions that losing weight is easy, or guaranteed. Ads should not reference specific calories, or specific amounts of weight loss.