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Manage Lookalike Audience
To manage a Lookalike Audience please go to the "Audience" management page under "Assets". 

The following actions are available for you to manage your audience:


You can edit the name of Lookalike Audience. 

Auto-refresh Weekly

Lookalike Audience applied in a running ad group will be auto-refreshed on a weekly basis.
You can find the latest update time in the column Availability on Audiences Page.


You can manually refresh if necessary. But, we do not recommend frequent manual refreshes, since it won't impact the audience size. Your Lookalike audience will be unable to refresh if you manually refresh the audience too frequently. Manual-refresh works for all types of Lookalike Audiences. After refreshing, your most recent update time will be displayed.

Note: Lookalike Audience that have not been manually-refreshed can be auto-refreshed or manual refreshed when they meet your criteria. But if your source Audience is ever deleted, the Lookalike Audience created from it will be unable to refresh. If your Lookalike Audience is "Refresh Unavailable", we recommend recreating your Lookalike Audience.

Apply Audiences

You can connect an audience with an ad group by clicking "Apply to Ad Groups" on the "Audience Management" page or on "Ad Group Creation" page.

In the process of creating an ad group, you can select to include or exclude multiple audiences in the same ad group, however the same audience can't be included and excluded at the same time. When you include or exclude two different audiences, the duplicate parts will be excluded.

  • Apply to ad groups: Applying one available audience to multiple ad groups is supported, but applying multiple audiences to multiple ad groups is not supported.
  • Duplicate checking logic: Audience already in use cannot be added again, but you can change the "Include" or "Exclude" status.
    • For example, you have set audience A to be included in ad groups 1 and 2. If you now want to set audience A to be excluded in ad groups 1 and 2, you will be prompted to confirm the change of "include" to "exclude".


You can share your audience to your own related business account.


You can omit the Lookalike Audience you don't need. If the audience has been connected to an ad group, you must disconnect the audience with the ad group before deleting the audience.

Disconnect with Ad Groups

If you have already applied a Lookalike Audience to an ad group but no longer want to use this audience, you can enter the "Audience Details Page" and click the ad group you want to disconnect with.

Audience Details

You can enter the "Audience Details Page" by clicking on the Lookalike Audience name. Here you can view the details about the audience's name, ID, and audience type.
  • Applied details: Displays the current connections between the audience and ad groups.
  • Audience History: Displays the history of changes, such as creating and editing of the audience.


Q:If I manual refresh my Lookalike Audience in the midflight, will the time be reset? 

A: For example, the date started to be counted on Jul. 1st, and I manual refresh the Lookalike Audience on Jul. 3rd, in this case, when is the next auto-refresh? 
Answers: Jul. 7th. The date counting won't be interrupted by the manual refresh in the midflight.

Q: If use an auto-refreshed Custom Audience as a seed Audience to create a Lookalike Audience, will the seed audience be auto-refreshed within the Lookalike Audience?

A: Yes, the seed audience of the LAL is auto-refreshed as well.

Q: Is there any scenario where the Lookalike Audience can not be refreshed? 

A: The minimum size of Lookalike Audience is 1000. If the audience size is less than 1000 after manual refresh, data of the Lookalike Audience will roll back to the data before the refresh was applied, and the system will  notice the advertiser that the Lookalike Audience did not manage to be refreshed.