About Smart Creative

Smart Creative is TikTok's next-generation automated creative solution that enables advertisers to quickly combine creative assets while driving performance with first to market anti-creative fatigue strategies. Smart Creative ensures that the potential of ad combinations are maximised through ad group fatigue detection and auto-refreshed strategies, prolonging ad group lifespan and enabling advertisers to enjoy efficient cost per results for an extended period of time.

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Smart Creative is upgraded from Automated Creative Optimization (ACO) which will include designed new features such as anti-creative fatigue strategies (available around end of September), while supporting automatic creative generation capabilities.

This article explains the concept, features and benefits.

Target Locations & Sales Team Regions

  • Target Countries: Global

  • Sales Team Regions: All

Ad Platform & Supported Formats

  • Platform: TikTok Ads Manager

  • Placement Type: TikTok and Pangle

  • Ad Objectives: Traffic, App promotion, Conversion and Lead Generation

  • Ad Format: Diversion ads and Spark ads (pull only)

  • Split Test: Not supported yet

  • API: Supported

Features and Benefits

  • Creative asset combination: Combines videos / images, text and call-to-action to create multiple variations of ads to maximize the value of your time.

  • Automatic creative generation capabilities : Advertisers can opt to generate to increase the diversity of creatives in their ad group by Video Automator(Beta), sufficiently explore new and historical creatives in ad groups and maximise the value of every creative produced.

  • [COMING SOON] Anti-creative fatigue strategies - creative fatigue detection and auto-refreshes ad group to prolong ad group lifespan to maximise your performance of campaigns and control rising cost per results over time by detecting and optimizing for early signs of creative fatigue.

Internal Product Comparison & Flowchart

  • Smart Creative phase 1 and 2: Compartmentalising for easier navigation.

    • Smart Creative will inherit Automated creative optimizations (ACO's) capabilities of creating high-quality combinations of creative assets and continuously work to discover optimal combinations.

    • To simplify and consolidate creative offerings, the Smart Creative toggle will be shifted to the ad level. UI changes:

      • UI Before - Automated creative optimization (ACO) toggle on ad group level.

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      • UI After - Automated creative optimization (ACO) toggle shifted to ad level and rebranded as Smart Creative ads.

        About Smart Creative 3. GIF

  • Smart Creative phase 3 (coming 🔜): New features for better performance.

    • Smart Creative is planned to support stand-alone automatic creative generation product: Advertisers can opt to generate to increase the diversity of creatives in their ad group.

    • Smart Creative is planned to include added anti-creative fatigue strategies: Creative fatigue detection and auto-refreshes ad group to prolong ad group lifespan.