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Content HubWhat's Next: Sports Trend Report

What's Next: Sports Trend Report

May 11,2023
Global Trends Team
General Trends

Welcome to the latest edition of our What's Next Trend Report! This time we're diving deep into how sports culture is evolving on TikTok and exploring what that means for brands that want to create successful, engaging content for sports fans.

The Trend Forces driving sports culture on TikTok

Our report focuses on two main themes that keep sports fans coming back for more on TikTok: Sending Entertainment into Overtime and Making Space on the Podium. Both of these Trend Forces have major implications for how brands should show up on the platform to entertain sports audiences and inspire action.

We asked TikTok creator and sports storyteller Trey Phills (@tphills) to tell us about some of his favorite takeaways from the What's Next Sports Trend Report. Check out the video on the left to hear his take on the power of the growing #SportsTok community.

What else is in the report?

The What's Next: Sports Trend Report dives into our broader Trend Forces in more detail, outlining:

  • Trend examples that showcase new user behaviors and values
  • Custom global research on sports attitudes among TikTok users
  • Product solutions to help marketers plan their next sports-related TikTok video
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