Ad Review Checklist
Last updated, May 2024

Before getting started: This is not a comprehensive list of ad disapproval reasons or suggested actions. For a more detailed list, refer to our ad policy for creatives. We also recommend you review our ad policy for restricted and prohibited products or services to get a better understanding of how regulations differ by region.

You've probably spent a lot of time planning, creating, and finalizing your ad. Getting familiar with the dos and dont's of our ad policies can help you avoid some pitfalls that may cause your ad to be disapproved.

Here's a checklist to consider when creating or modifying your ad. Make sure your ads are following these tips to ensure a smoother review process.

  • Ensure language in your ad creative and copy are accepted in your target location(s). 

  • Remove any symbols, incorrect spelling, or gimmicky use of spelling in your ad creative, ad copy, and display name. 

  • Avoid copy or creative which advises users to take actions that aren't supported on the app, like swiping up to download or displaying a mouse cursor. 

  • Make sure you're using high quality media that meets our

    image specifications and video specifications

  • Make sure that your ad creative and display name are consistent with your landing page. 

  • Ensure that any products featured in an ad are consistent with those shown on your landing page. 

  • Avoid using any elements without required permission in both your ad and your landing page. This includes brands, hashtags, copyrighted media, imitations and replicas. If you have proper authorization, upload your authorization documentation in the Account Settings under Business Verification. 

  • Ensure your video ad includes background audio (music or sound) that is clear and coherent. Audio is required for video ads.