Edit Ads FAQs

Can I adjust the volume of the music in my ads?

TikTok Ads Manager provides many creative tools that allow you to adjust the music volume on your ad, including:

  • ​TikTok Video Editor

  • ​Video Template

You can access these tools from your Assets > Creative page or when creating your ad.

Can I change the audience I'm targeting after I publish my ad?

Once you create an ad group, you cannot change its targeting settings. If you wish to reach a different audience, create a new ad group with new targeting settings and disable or pause the old one.

See "Ad Targeting" for more information.

How do I create more than one ad group in a campaign?

There are several ways to add new ad groups to an existing campaign. Check out "How to Set Up an Ad Group" and "How to Set Up a Campaign" for more information.

How do I add a privacy policy to my lead ads/instant form?

If you create a Lead Ad, you will need to include a link to your website's privacy policy on your Instant Form.

See "Build an Instant Form" for more information.

Can I update the website URL I used in my ad after it's published?

You cannot change a landing page link on an ad that has already been published. If you'd like to promote a different landing page, you need to create a new ad.

How often should I create a new ad group?

We recommend creating a new ad group every 1 to 2 weeks.

How do I add music to my ads?

TikTok Ads Manager provides many creative tools to add music to your ad with over 4000 pieces of copyrighted music for you to choose from. Our creative tools include the following:

  • ​TikTok Video Editor

  • ​Smart Video Soundtrack

  • ​Video Template

  • ​Smart Video

  • ​Quick Optimization

Search for them in the TikTok For Business Help Center to learn more or try them out by:

1. Creating a new ad and selecting one of the tools.

2. Going to the Creative page under Assets on your TikTok Ads Manager dashboard.

What is the difference between a campaign and an ad group?

A Campaign is the overarching structure where you will select your Advertising Objective and budget, while an Ad Group will allow you to select the ads you want to see, how much you're willing to bid for each action, and how you want to optimize ad delivery. For example, you can create 1 campaign with 3 ad groups that target different locations.

How do I create an ad?

Once your account is approved, you are ready to create ads. To publish ads on TikTok Ads Manager, you must create a Campaign, an Ad Group, and Ads.

Each of these elements performs a key role in making ads:

1. The Campaign Level: Here, you will select the Advertising Objective you want to achieve.

2. The Ad Group Level: This is where you select where you want to show your ads, who you want to see your ads, and how the system should optimize ad delivery.

3. The Ad Level: You will create the ads that your audience will see in their feed; you will need to upload your creative, write a caption, select a call to action, and add any links to landing pages you want people to visit.

See "TikTok Ads Structure" for more information.

When should I edit my campaigns, ad group, or ads?

We don't recommend editing your campaign until it has generated 20 conversions. If your campaign is struggling to achieve any conversions, try increasing your ad group's daily budget to at least 5 times your bid. If your campaign still fails to generate conversions, try broadening the targeting criteria, updating your ad's creative, or creating new ads.

Where can I find the videos I uploaded to my ad account?

You can find any video you've uploaded to TikTok Ads Manager from your Assets > Creative > Videos list.

Why can't I edit my ad?

This can be due to two reasons:

1. You are not allowed to edit your ad, as it has already been published.

2. You are not allowed to edit your ad, as it is being reviewed.