Location Targeting
Last updated, May 2024

TikTok Ads allow you to tailor messages and offers to specific locations including countries, regions, states, provinces, metro areas, cities, zip codes and more. Some targeting options are not available in all countries or regions.


  • If you are targeting multiple countries, locations may have regional descriptions (ex. Counties, Districts, etc.) in Ads Manager aligning with local definitions.

  • Where available, TikTok enables advertisers to target up to 1500 location selections at a time, per ad group.

  • Zip code targeting can be used in instances where an advertiser needs to target a more granular location than DMA or city. For example, if an advertiser provides services to only a portion of a city.

  • A zip code or postal code prefix might not be targetable because it's either invalid, has not been made available due to ad policy requirements, or has not launched in those areas.

  • TikTok does not support zip code + 4 targeting. If an advertiser tries to upload zip + 4, they will receive an error message.

  • Targeting ad campaigns to small geographic areas or sets of zip codes can significantly reduce the number of impressions and clicks delivered, and may result in a higher CPA.

  • Some advertisers may be subject to the Housing, Employment, and Credit ad policy.

Location targeting is based on a variety of signals to serve ads to users who align with your location targeting selections. Due to the fact that signals vary, our delivery is not guaranteed and accuracy is not guaranteed in every situation.

Location Targeting Options

Location Type



Salt Lake City, Utah

Country / Region

United States


-Greater Manchester, United Kingdom

-Door County, Wisconsin, United States


Rhône, France


Hannover, Lower Saxony, Germany

DMA Regions (Designated Market Areas)

-Chicago, Illinois

-Los Angeles, California


British Columbia, Canada


Illinois, United States

Urban District

Koeln, Germany

Zip Code (Postal Code)

54211, 54212, 54234

How industries use Location Targeting

Location targeting can be used across various industries, use cases, and scenarios. For example,

  • Professional Services: Promote businesses that provide localized services, including but not limited to law, B2B services, and consulting.

  • Education: Promote online or in-person educational institutions

  • Lifestyle: Promote local businesses related to grooming, health and fitness, etc.

  • Restaurant and delivery services: Promote restaurant chains and food delivery services at both national and franchise levels.