About TikTok Business Center

Business Center is a one-stop business hub for organizations of all sizes to activate marketing activities and reach desired audiences in a collaborative way on TikTok. Business Center enables organizations to centralize their assets and teams in one place, enabling permissions allocation and asset usage in an efficient and safe way.

Consider using a Business Center if you want to take any of the features listed below as you start your journey with TikTok For Business:

  • Collaboration: When you need more than one person to activate your activities on TikTok, like your ad campaigns.

  • Centralization: When you need to use multiple types of assets, like ad accounts, audiences, etc, to promote your business on TikTok.

  • Accountability: When you want to control who has permission to access your assets on TikTok For Business.

Why use TikTok Business Center?

TikTok Business Center empowers you to:

  • ​Possess all-in-one platform to check multiple ad accounts: You can use a single sign in to access all managed ad accounts, reducing the time it takes to switch to different ad accounts.

  • ​Maintain full control of access permissions and manage assets: Business Center guarantees security, as the core permissions are under control of the administrator. Clearly see who has access to your Ad Accounts, and assign, change, or remove roles and permissions as your team change over time.

  • ​Ensure transparency of collaboration: Business Center enables you to directly know who has edited or made changes to the ad accounts.

  • ​Upgrade decision-making for your future campaigns: You can get business-level insights and reports for your ad performance across different accounts.

When should I use TikTok Business Center

Create a TikTok Business Center if you want:

  • ​More than one person to manage and access your TikTok ad accounts.

  • ​To manage and share assets among multiple ad accounts.

  • ​To request access to other ad accounts.

  • ​Quickly share many ad accounts with another organization in bulk.

Getting started with TikTok Business Center

Before getting started, you will want to:

  1. ​Decide who you want to be the Administrator of your TikTok Business Center account

    • Generally, the business owner or primary "day-to-day" contact for your marketing team will become the Admin, so they can set up and manage your Business Center. The Admin should have permission to act on behalf of your business, as they will decide who can access your assets. It is important that all businesses have at least two Admins. This way, if one Admin suddenly leaves the company, there will still be a Business Center Admin left to help manage access.

  2. Sign up for TikTok For Business

    • Only TikTok For Business users can create ad accounts, make TikTok Business Center accounts, be assigned a role, and receive access to assets. You can become a TikTok For Business users by signing up on the following links.