TikTok E-Commerce Platform Integration FAQs
Last updated, May 2024

General FAQs

What is the TikTok E-Commerce Platform Integration?

The TikTok E-Commerce Platform Integration is a solution that allows E-commerce platforms merchants to add TikTok as a sales and advertising channel. The integration streamlines the process of creating or linking their TikTok For Business and Ads Manager accounts, sync their product catalog, and install the TikTok pixel to enable paid and organic visibility features.

Why should I install this now?

Even if you do not currently run ads, the TikTok E-Commerce Platform Integration will install the TikTok Pixel, which begins to collect data that you can use to target TikTok users maximizing your ad spend.

Can I connect multiple TikTok Business Centers and TikTok For Business ad accounts to the same store simultaneously?

No, you can only connect one Business Center and one ad account to one store at a time.

I tried connecting my Business Center/ad account to the TikTok E-Commerce Platform Integration and it didn't work.

You must have Admin permissions on the ad account for it to appear on the TikTok Integration. Click here to learn more about ad accounts permissions. 

What are the key benefits of using the pixel installed with the TikTok E-Commerce Platform Integration?

The TikTok Pixel on TikTok Integration leverages the developer mode code and offers the same advanced benefits (like Advanced Matching). However, installing the pixel with the integration requires no developer support.

Does this pixel still only measure single session attribution?

With Advanced Matching, the pixel on TikTok Integration will support multi-session attribution in specific scenarios, which could include cross-device and cross-session conversions. This is dependent on customer behavior as well as different match mates between TikTok ads and customer data.

What if I already have a TikTok Pixel on my site?

In order to complete the setup of your TikTok Integration, you will have to proceed with the new pixel installation too. We tend to notice a number of errors with self-installed pixels that merchants are not even aware of, so we created the TikTok integration to do the job for you, and install the most advanced pixel yet in seconds, with zero errors.

  • ​If you are NET NEW or RECENT developer-mode pixel installer (i.e., a couple of months of use), we strongly suggest you keep the newly installed pixel only.

  • ​If you are an ESTABLISHED developer-mode pixel user ( >than two months of use, with a track of success using it & no issues), then proceed with the new pixel install, in order to finish setup, and consider removing it after setup is complete.

Can I connect multiple TikTok Pixels to the TikTok Integration?

No, you can only connect one TikTok Pixel to the TikTok Integration at a time.

What will happen if I run a campaign using a TikTok Pixel I created on the TikTok Integration, and then I disconnect my pixel?

Disconnecting your pixel will not impact your campaign, but your pixel will stop sending data to TikTok Ads Manager - limiting your ability to measure attribution or conversions on your website or store.

What is Advanced Matching?

Advanced Matching is an upgrade to the TikTok Pixel that allows you to send privacy-safe hashed customer information (email addresses and phone numbers) to increase the match rate between TikTok ad clicks (and at a later date views) and conversions that happen on your website.

What products can I sync to my Business Center Catalog?

You will be able to sync products to your catalog that comply with our advertising policies. Click here, for more information.

Partner Specific FAQs

Can you share stores across one TikTok Business Center?

Yes. For agencies and businesses with multiple e-commerce stores, we enable store sharing across TikTok business centers. Step-by-step instructions are listed below

Before getting started: To be able to assign Store access to Business Center members, you need to have Admin access to the Business Center you will use to manage stores.

  1. ​Assign Store Access to Members

    1. ​After the stores are synced to the desired Business Center, select the store you want members to gain access to

  2. ​Click Add Member, tick the member(s) to grant access to, and select the needed access – manager vs. ads.

  3. ​Share Store with Partner(s).

    1. ​After the stores are synced to the desired Business Center, select the store to share with a partner.

  4. ​Click Add Partner, paste your partner's Business Center ID, and select the needed access to finish.