TikTok Interactive Add-on: Countdown Sticker
Last updated, May 2024



TikTok Interactive Add-on Countdown Sticker-Demo PNG1


Interactive Add-on Countdown Sticker-Demo PNG2

Stickers Creative

  • ​Size and Position: You can adjust the size, angle, and position of the Sticker on TikTok Ads Manager.

  • Appearance: The Countdown Sticker will appear in the ads for the entire time, and can't be closed before the ad is finished playing.

  • ​Countdown Sticker Call to Action (CTA): The Countdown Sticker CTA will be the same as the CTA you selected on TikTok Ads Manager, and will be translated into the viewer's app language. The Countdown Sticker also supports Dynamic CTA.

  • ​Countdown Time:

    • ​You need to specify the Countdown deadline by selecting the timezone, date, and time.

      • ​Countdown Deadline Time > 71 Hours: 59 Minutes: 59 Seconds. If the countdown time is more than three days, it will display in the DAYS-HOURS-MINUTES format.

      • Countdown Deadline Time < 71 Hours: 59 Minutes: 59 Seconds. If the countdown time is less than three days, it will display in the HOURS-MINUTES-SECONDS format.

Note: The Countdown Deadline Time copy will be automatically translated into the viewer's app language.

  • ​The Countdown Sticker will calculate the time left based on the viewer's time zone and automatically display the countdown.

  • ​Countdown Sticker title: Up to 54 English characters or up to 27 Chinese, Japanese, or Korean characters are supported.

    • ​The Countdown Sticker title will display in the language it was entered in on TikTok Ads Manager and will not be auto-translated.

    • ​The Countdown Sticker title supports text only; the hashtag symbol (#) isn't supported.

    • ​We recommend adding "Starts in" to indicate the beginning of a promotion; or "Ends in" to indicate its ending in the Countdown Sticker title.

  • ​Sticker Color: You can select a color from orange, black, blue, or pink. Color customization isn't currently supported.

Note: Ensure that your Countdown Sticker is within the safe zone.

TikTok Interactive Add-on: Countdown Sticker-Safezone-PNG

General Notes

  • ​Ad assets can't be changed or replaced once the campaign is live.

  • ​Countdown Stickers can be used in In-Feed ads and Auction ads.

  • ​Countdown Stickers support Reach, Video Views, Traffic, Conversion, and App Installs objectives under Auction Buying Type, as well as all objectives under Reach & Frequency Buying Type.

  • ​Countdown Stickers can't be used with other Interactive Add-ons.

  • ​Ads with Countdown Stickers must include a URL. You can use the same URL you input in the Destination page section of the ad creation.

  • ​The Countdown Sticker feature doesn't support 3rd party tracking.

  • For more information about advertising policies, please see TikTok Advertising Policies – Ad Creatives & Landing Page.