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Creating Made Easier

Nov 21,2023
Erin Seo, Marketing Solutions APAC
Creative Guidance

🧑‍🎨A Creative Decline

In recent years, we've witnessed a dimming of enthusiasm for creativity among marketers, where a commitment to sustained creativity has become a rarity. This creative burnout is having a knock-on effect, impacting the value exchange between brands and their consumers, resulting in increasing detachment from ads. The two main factors at play are:

  1. Creative effectiveness decline1
    Over the last five years, we've seen a collapse of creative commitment, with a decline in attributes associated with campaign effectiveness, such as spend, duration, and diversity.

  2. Attention deficit and ad fatigue2
    Consumers are paying less attention with 90% of them admitting to skip digital ads.

Creativity is the best way to capture attention

Up to 50% of a campaign's success is due to the quality of its creatives*. That's especially true during our current Age of Content, where consumers are inundated with information coming from all angles, at the speed of a swipe. Winning a greater share of users' time and attention comes down to value exchange: by offering users relevant and meaningful content. We're proud to share that according to Kantar's Media Reactions Study 2023;

To thrive in this era, brands must experiment, and partner with the community through meaningful stories, every day.

We're making it easier than ever to create content for TikTok at scale. When we analyzed the most successful TikTok campaigns,
we found common tactics that all the best creative teams use. We've codified these tactics into the 3R framework:

Recut: Verticalize existing creative assets with a 9:16 aspect ratio.

Remix: Taking your creative assets and making them TikTok native by playing with the elements. Leveraging trends, native style captions, and effects.

Reimagine: Use TikTok technology and creative solutions to elevate community engagement, via Branded Mission and augmented reality (AR).

The 3Rs in action


Verticalize existing creative assets with a 9:16 aspect ratio.

Success Story:

OLX Autos' Indonesia team reframed an existing creative asset into a 9:16 aspect ratio, adding TikTok-native sound that drove positive brand lift for their campaign and key messages.Read the full story: https://www.tiktok.com/business/en-SG/inspiration/olx-autos-indonesia

Creative Tips for Recut
🔸Get straight into the action; ensure the main branding cues are in the first three seconds
🔸Apply vertical framing with a 9:16 aspect ratio
🔸Always choose sound on
🔸Put key information within the TikTok safe zone (UI)
🔸Ensure an equal focus on the brand/product and the spokesperson throughout.


Taking your creative assets and making them TikTok native by playing with the elements. Leveraging trends, native style captions, and effects.

Success Story:

Uniqlo Singapore shot this video UGC-style, paired it with a trending soundtrack, and played around with TikTok-native features such as text overlays and a high-speed pace.
Read the full story: https://www.tiktok.com/business/en-SG/inspiration/uniqlo-singapore-leadgen-hiring

Creative Tips for Remix
🔸Tap into current and emerging trends
🔸Leverage creators and/or creator POV
🔸Experiment with platform-native editing, like the fast pace, filters, and visual transitions
🔸Use a distinct, branded tone of voice or UGC-style communication
🔸Play with trending/popular music or the text-to-voice function
🔸Try out TikTok stickers like text overlay (we recommend one per scene max.)


Use TikTok technology and creative solutions to elevate community engagement, via Branded Mission and Augmented Reality (AR)

Success Story:

Netflix used the power of AR technology, specifically Branded Effect, to engage the community at large. The result? 7.4 billion video views on TikTok in only two weeks, and trending at #1 on Netflix and TikTok.

Creative Tips for Reimagine
🔸Branded Mission - Invite creators to join your campaign,
and amplify content that resonates
🔸TikTok Live - The home of livestreaming on TikTok
🔸Branded/ Community Effects - Leverage AR to augment your creatives
🔸Interactive Add-ons - Insert effects that drive audience engagement
e.g. Super Like, Gesture, and more

Taking stock in this new age of content where creativity has been democratized, this type of creativity is not rooted in perfection, but a version of creativity that can be picked up and messed around with. You won't be judged by whether your content is a polished ad, but rather how it's enriching the audience's lives. Value creation that speaks to how your brand's purpose and expertise is rewarded with engagement. Brands who rise and thrive are those who embrace value, volume and velocity, seizing the opportunity to experiment, to partner with the community and touch lives.

TikTok Creative Checklist

This modular and entry-level tool helps advertisers and agencies build TikTok-ready assets, and is specifically recommended for awareness and consideration objectives.

Download a printable version here: TikTok's Recut, Remix, Reimagine & Creative Checklist.pdf

So you have more time to ideate;
we have the technology to help

We get that creating, diversifying, and scaling can be daunting at times, so we have developed a suite of tools to make it easier so you can focus on ideation and creativity. Welcome to our Creative Solutions Ecosystem; across Ideation, Production, Optimisation and Evaluation. TikTok has the tech to empower any of your creative endeavors. All of these tools are free and accessible to use. Advertisers and agencies have already started to experience tremendous benefits and value of these tools making it easier to create for TikTok.


Creative Center

👉 Find out more!
Available to the public, Creative Center fuels inspiration and ideation, helping you tap into real-time trends and generate ideas for your next video. Find everything from top ads, creators, and trends, even script generators.


Creative Exchange

👉 Find out more!
Connect with the industry’s best creative partners, who understand how to succeed on TikTok, provide end-to-end support from concept creation to video production, and facilitate efficient collaboration at scale.


👉 Find out more!
Our all-in-one video ad editor empowers anyone to create incredible video ads for TikTok, no matter their experience level. Find loads of smart features to help with quick creation, as well as video editing tools as simple as drag and drops.

Creator Marketplace

👉 Find out more!
Connect to our creator network to discover and engage the right creators for your campaigns.


Smart Creative

👉 Available in TikTok Ads Manager!
Our next-generation automated creative solution enables advertisers to quickly combine creative assets, while driving performance with anti-creative-fatigue strategies.


Creative Fatigue Diagnosis

👉 Available in TikTok Ads Manager!
Part of TTAM recommendations and diagnosis, this tool develops more targeted and timely optimization strategies, and improves campaign performance.

  1. Future of Commerce research by Boston Consulting Group, commissioned by TikTok. Conducted in ID, TH, VN, JP, KR, AU, Apr 2022
  2. WARC & Cannes Lions; The effectiveness code
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