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Creative StrategiesCreative Tips | Fashion SEA

Creative Tips | Fashion SEA

Oct 30,2023
Jonathan Lim, Creative Strategist APAC
Creative Guidance

👠Staying chic and runway ready on TikTok!

Our TikTok audiences are Shopaholics, 75% are fashion concious, 1.2x more like to post about fashion 13B video views on #fashion in SEA alone. People come to watch tutorials, product reviews, demos and to be entertained.

One of the top content on the platform

👜 Fashion is the Top 10 most consumed content category, showing the needs of users towards this type of content

👜Fashion is 2nd fastest growing content category on TikTok (66% YOY), showing sustainable growth of the category

A Stylish Fashion TikTok: Master the Hook,
Middle and End.

Beginning - The Hook

The first 3-6 seconds of your ad are precious. Make sure the hook is related to your product in some way. This ensures a smooth transition from the initial hook to the key message that follows.

Middle - Key Messages

Ensure your key message is connected to your product in a natural way. Right after the hook, keep your message upbeat and exciting by focusing on the positive benefits of the product.

End - The CTA

End with a clear CTA to get your audience to take action. It should be easy to follow as the next step right after they watch your content.

Creative Patterns For A Great Fashion TikTok.

Being unique and different is what will get you noticed and excite your audiences.We understand that "being unique" is easier said than done, and may be intimidating if you're new to content creation on the platform. Upon reviewing the top-performing creatives that targeted the SEA region within the apparel industry, we've identified a few key observations. The best creatives often follow a certain pattern around the way the story is told - some similar components that make up a compelling storytelling flow. We call these Creative Patterns.

Creative Patterns can be split into 2 main groups.

🎨Video Formats

🎨Visual & Audio Elements

By familiarizing yourself with these Creative Patterns, we hope you will be inspired to experiment and try out different creative methods across the 2 groups, to land on the strategy that's best-suited to you.

Graphic & Text

Emphasize your key message by displaying it visually on top of a single image or a mix of multiple images. Use special effects and/or background music to add an extra touch of flair and excitement.


Think About This

This Creative Pattern is widely used by direct-to-consumer brands. If you're in the early stages of creating a present on TikTok, however, we do not recommend using this pattern yet. Instead, it's more worthwhile to initially focus on consistently delivering your unique selling point, and building up a loyal community.

Product Showcase

In this Creative Pattern, the product should be the focus. Add background music, voiceover or text to speech to introduce your product in a dynamic way, or to add excitement around it.

Single Product

Multiple Products




Think About This

🔸Think about your target audience. What are the features of your product that would be most attractive to them? Zoom in or add effects around these features to direct your audience's attention and ensure that they notice!

🔸In this Creative Pattern, leverage models to show how your product looks on a person, add depth to your creative, and highlight key details of the product

🔸Think of different ways to showcase your product. Try a 3rd person perspective along with the text-to-speech feature to introduce your product.

🔸Use themes to provide solutions/suggestions for particular situations to highlight all the diverse options that your brand provides.

Community Engagement

This Creative Pattern focuses on the Creator and empowers them to share their experiences with the product. Creators generally introduce the product by sharing their real-time commentary, or showing what the item looks like when it's on.

Product Endorsement

Solve a Problem


Tap Into Communities


Think About This

Creators add depth to any video, bringing a valuable layer of excitement, emotion, and personality. This Creative Pattern also allows the product to be introduced in a natural environment, showing how it can and should be used.

Try It On

This Creative Pattern consists of a string of different videos pieced together to either showcase different products, or a single product in different settings. This is a dynamic way to spin through quick product intros, insights, or tips in a fun, engaging way. This kind of storytelling allows the Creator to speak to their audiences directly, while showcasing the product(s) in a dynamic, comprehensive way.

Style An Item

Create A Lookbook


Product Versatility


Think About This

Think about the goal of your creative. Are you trying to build awareness? Or looking to drive conversions? Once you've identified your main objective, then you'll be a good place to uncover creative ways to make it happen.

Creative Storytelling

In this Creative Pattern, creative storytelling is used to introduce the product and illustrate its benefits. Creativity is key to creating more natural associations with the product, and memorable ways to highlight key features. Think outside the box! Anything goes. Use creative techniques and different perspectives to share your story with your audience. Base your video around a specific topic that can serve as a natural way to deliver your key message - even if it's an unexpected topic or angle.

Honest Reviews

Tell Your Story


Packing Orders

Outfits Of The Month

This Or That (size guide)


Brand Voice & Ethos


Think About This

🔸Think beyond your product. Get creative and experiment with different storytelling angles.

🔸Explore what competitors are doing to stay on top of the curve and see if you can find your own angle.

🔸Don't be afraid to take inspiration from Creators and test out innovative ways to get your point across.

🔸Use effective storytelling to accentuate and elevate your key message or to highlight product features and selling points.

Special Effects

Use various visual and audio effects to level-up the excitement in your creative.





Text Freeze

Seasonal Specials


Re-purpose Existing Assets


Think About This

Visual and audio effects are an effective, low-cost alternative to creating assets. They can be used in a variety of ways to add a layer of creativity to any video.

🔸Explore existing asset libraries for inspiration. You might find a sticker or an effect that could be used as an anchor for your creative.

🔸Have you seen a video on your For You page that uses a effect in a innovative way? Don't be afraid to use videos you've seen from TikTok creators as inspiration! Think of ways you could incorporate exciting visual and audio effects to take your creative concept to the next level.

Trending Audio TikTok Tracks

Use the Commercial Music Library to tap into audio tracks that are trending on TikTok. Capture the attention of your audience and provide them with the best possible TikTok experience by making the most of what's already hot and top of mind.



To The Beat


Think About This

When trending tracks are used in your content, people can discover your video through sound. Leverage trending tracks to facilitate discoverability and to boost your chances of getting noticed.

🔸Spend some time getting to know which tracks are currently hit and trending. Make the most of them as quickly as possible!

🔸Get creative with which tracks work best with your brand and the key message you're trying to convey.

Time to Elevate your Fashion Game and Try It Out!

Creative Patterns

Experiment with the above Creative Patterns on your existing assets. Test and compare with previous videos, and you might see a lift in performance! Don't be afraid to mix and match different patterns. Think outside the box and get creative!

Creative Video Scripts

Brainstorm scripts using the suggested "Hook + Key Message + CTA" structure. Mix and match different narratives to find a combination that works best for you!

TikTok Tools: Supercharge your content

🔍Keyword Insights

Identify top Keyword Insights

🔥TikTok Trends

Jump onto the latest Trends

🎨Creative Patterns

Identify Creative Patterns

🎵Commercial Music Library

Level up your TikTok with pre-cleared music!

🎥Video Editing Tools

Amplify your Creative Production

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