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Creative StrategiesSuccess Story | Mondelez Turkey

Success Story | Mondelez Turkey

Aug 31,2023
Elie Nasr, Raya Tannous, Ozgen Huseyin Dundar, Creative Performance Manager
Creative Effectiveness

Mondelez Turkey/First - Repurpose TVC

The Objective

Mondelez International, Inc. is an American consumer packaged goods (CPG) brand that owns multiple sub-brands, such as Cadbury, Chips Ahoy, and Oreo. Known as one of the world's largest snack brands, their mission is to empower people to snack right in over 150 countries. For each sub-brand, they leverage various advertising channels in their campaigns, predominantly digital & TV. One of their Turkish gum brands, First, ran TV commercials, and were trying to figure out whether it would be a good idea to adapt their TV creative for TikTok. And if so, what would be the best way to achieve this efficiently and affordably? Since their main sales channels are 3rd party marketplaces or offline retail stores, the First team didn't have access to conversion data. Instead, they decided to focus on Clicks & Views, and embarked on a TikTok journey to see what kind of value and impact producing TikTok content could bring.

The Solution

They decided to tap into the TikTok partnership to establish their presence on this new digital channel. TikTok's Creative Performance Managers team worked on a few different variations to their TV creative, and designed a creative experiment to understand the incremental impact of each iteration. Their original TV creative was used as the "control," and based on the CPM team's recommendations, First produced 3 additional creatives:

  1. Simplified, animated version of their TV commercial
  2. Creator-led creative
  3. Another creator-style content that leveraged TikTok-native filters and trending music

Once the creative variations were ready, they began the experiment to see how each would perform on TikTok.

The Results

The experiment was a success, and showed that TikTok is a worthwhile channel for them. All three of the new creatives in the experiment achieved better results than the original TV commercial content. The view-through rates for all three were significantly higher than the TV creative.

  1. Simplified edit: VTR was 44% higher than original TVC
  2. Creator-style creative: VTR was 2.5x higher than original TVC
  3. Creator-style with TikTok filters and music: VTR was 5.5% higher than the original TVC. CPC was also 28% lower

After the experiment the client kept using the winning creative in their always-on campaigns and continued driving 28% cheaper traffic to the website, compared to what they were able to achieve prior to the experiment. While TikTok-native content is always the ideal way to go, this experiment also showed that even without the budget and resources to create all-new TikTok-native content, a simplified edit of the original TVC is still sufficient, and can drive impactful results.



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