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Creative StrategiesOn TikTok, Every day is a Vibe

On TikTok, Every day is a Vibe

Apr 18,2022
Michelle Lim, Global Brand Strategist, TikTok For Business

People all over the world turn to TikTok for a spark of what's unique, uplifting, or interesting - something that might make their day. Whether it's sharing the excitement around winding down the work-week with some #fridaynightfun or seeking a little #mondaymotivation to curb those Monday blues, TikTok offers it all. It's a whole vibe, every day, and it's here to stay.

We all go through ups and downs as we go through our weekly routines, and TikTok users love expressing themselves on the platform. On TikTok, days of the week are used to highlight events and provide insight into how users are feeling and celebrating each day of the week.

Positivity, all day, every day.

This self-expression is undoubtedly rooted in positivity. Users are seizing each day and leveraging it to share how they plan to celebrate and make the most of each day, while inspiring others. They're motivating their peers to keep up the momentum, or encouraging them to turn things around with positivity and authentic cheer. By tapping into the 'vibe' that each day of the week brings, brands can create relatable content and resonate with their audience through hashtags.

The TikTok guide to seizing the day

Explore daily hashtags to get an indication of what the vibe is for each day of the week! By sharing content with the right tone, brands can add value with authenticity and better connect with their audiences1. TikTok's hyper-engaged audience means that each and every day, there's a world of possibilities for brands to connect with their communities and maximize brand awareness. This is what sets TikTok apart from other platforms - every day is a vibe, and a new opportunity for brands.

It's go-time! Engage your audience by posting content that will pump them up about kicking off the week. They're recharged from the weekend and ready to go. Use #motivationmonday or #mondaytomonday to suggest challenges or to inspire with a motivational story.

Hashtags such as #tacotuesday and #tinytuesday are a few lighthearted ways you can put a fun spin on Tuesday. By sharing ways to celebrate Tuesday with the community, you can spark joy and be memorable.

We're halfway there! This is an opportunity for brands to provide a glimpse into how the week is going, and to be relatable. Regardless of whether it's been a good or bad week, #humpdayvibes gives brands a chance to turn things around and add the positive energy that'll help people get through the rest of the week.

Connect with your community in a fun and relaxed spirit with hashtags such as #throwbackthursday and #thirstythursday now that Friday is near. Share a throwback to encourage users to do the same, or take advantage of #thirstythursday by ushering in the weekend early!

It's finally here! The best day of the week for many. Responsibilities are winding down, and people are shifting their mindset towards an anticipation for a fun and relaxing two days ahead. Share how you'll be ringing in the weekend on Friday night by tapping into hashtags (#fridaynightfun #fnf) and getting that party started!

Weekend plans are shaping up! Jump in by offering ideas on how to celebrate the weekend (#saturdaynight)! It could also be a little morning motivation (#saturdaymorning) for a productivity boost, or enjoying relaxing moments with friends. Brands should chime into the celebrations with TikTok users - we're all thrilled the weekend is here!

Soak up the last bit of the weekend before getting ready to do it all over again. Connect with your community by sharing how you'll be squeezing in the last bit of fun (#sundayfunday), or some useful tips on how to curb those pre-Monday jitters (#sundayscaries)! We all feel the pain - empathizing with users around #sundayscaries will help your brand resonate.

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